Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sublimage: A Journey in Luxury

CHANEL has asked all of their Beaute Analystes to try a Sublimage product for 4 consecutive weeks and keep a diary throughout.  I know, it's a hard job, but someone's gotta do it!
I thought I would share the experience here as well.

The scoop on Sublimage:
The Sublimage Range was introduced by CHANEL for those "whose tired skin can no longer fight against the damage inflicted by time and lacks firmness and radiance.  The complexion is uneven and the skin shows signs of dehydration". quotation from CHANEL marketing material.

Sublimage focuses on correcting:
1. Loss of Firmness  
2. Lines/Wrinkles 
3. Dullness 
4. Dehydration 
5. Uneven Skintone (dark spots)

For my 4 week test I chose the Sublimage Fluid texture.  My skin is a combination of dehydrated/oily & prone to breakout so I'm hypothesizing that this will treat my dehydration without being too rich for my skin.  Also, as you can see in the photos below,  I have an uneven skintone with dark spots around my eyes and cheeks, shine, large pores, and the beginnings of some fine lines.  Because I'm in my late-20s I'm not only using this product to correct the issues mentioned above, but also to prevent further signs of age.  It's never too early to start with good skincare!  If your skin is good now maintain and prevent, if your skin is showing signs of age correct and maintain.

So, here are photos of my skin sans make-up.  I've cleansed and toned.  I will post weekly photos of my journey with this cream. This will be the only new product I try on my skin for these 4 weeks so I can be sure of any results.

 So far I have applied this cream twice, last night (before the photos we taken) & this morning.  
It makes my skin feel like velvet!  No greasy or heavy feeling at all.  Today it's been wonderful.  
I expected to have some mid-day shine coming through my make-up but my skin has actually stayed more matte than usual! 
My face has a very natural and fresh look to it;
neither extreme of powdery or shiny.


  1. Okay, you've sold me! How muchee????

  2. You are a GOOD saleslady! You could sell me mud packs for my face and I'd swear I looked better. ;-)

    Hope it's great for you. You have an awesome job. Seems like lots of fun. I mean, I know you work with the public, so it's not all fun and games. You just get to do an awesome thing in helping women looks and feel better. You're the perfect girl for the job!

  3. Yes, I'll take a pallet-load. Just put it on my tab. I think you've got good genes though.

  4. I love chanel products, but they are soo expensive...and most of the time i'm allergic. I could never do your job!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment... it was a great comfort.

  5. It is expensive, but I've seen the difference it's made on people. Quite impressive.

    Bobbi - I'm sorry CHANEL has irritated your skin, it could be too rich, sometimes it's like our skin gets over stimulated by certain things.

    H if for - glad you're still around :)

  6. Will it work to minimize dark circles under the eyes?

  7. Charming's Mama - they have Sublimage Eye for that. It's fantastic - tightens, brightens, softens lines! I've tried it and it is too rich for me right now so I don't use it - my dad does though! (don't tell his buddies)

  8. You have such a hard job! I think your skin is already gorgeous, but am still interested to see if there is a difference.


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