Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sewing Spotlight

My hubby was sewing up a storm the other night!  We went over to my parents house to borrow my dad's sewing machine so he could make a handy computer carrying harness and ended up being fed (yay for loving parents) and highly amused (puppies with crazy hair).

sophie sporting her pastel green hair barrettes.

She has quite the choice of colours!

At first Emma was shy

but she came around and showed off her Justin Bieber hair!
She's a fan of the side swept look.

oh pooperdoodles.
So, back to hubby:
Here he is, hard at work

He did well...until he broke the needle...but c'mon, we've all done it.

I joked that he's like Wilson from Home Improvement, never showing his face.

and behold: the computer harness!

this contraption will let him lug computers around as needed for his job.  We're on the lookout for a handle that's a little more sturdy, but this will do for now.

This isn't the first time the sewing bug has bit my hubby; one year for Christmas he made me pajamas with feet!  They are so hard to find in grown-up sizes!  They have castles and clouds on them and he even put that grippy stuff on the feet!


  1. Do all Canadian men sew?

    I'm impressed.

    Do all Canadian dogs wear hair clips?

    I'm amused.

  2. Carmel, you should be doing the stand up gig. Don't you know all girls marry their fathers?
    Good job son-in-law. Now I need my machine back and the staple gun please.

  3. Oh my goodness. I'm blown away. Your hubby can make adult size footy pajamas? That's so cool! Sophie's hair accessories made me smile. She's darling.

    When those footy pajamas make it to your Etsy shop, you must tell me.

  4. Mmmc: I think all men should sew!
    Deb: I already gave dad back the staple's probably still in the car
    FringeGirl: I think the PJs were a one-time only...I guess they took him forever to complete, lol. But I'll keep you posted!


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