Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh Canada...

So, I'm sure you've heard about the riots in Vancouver about the Canucks losing the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins.  If not, here's the full scoop from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - possibly the only major Canadian organization not on strike at the moment).  I realize that many people who read this blog are not Canadians.  My readers are Americans, Italians, and Australians, that I know of, and maybe other countries too  -  it's for all of you that I say
"I'm embarrassed of my fellow Canadians."

We are normally not like this.  

This is not the reputation I want to have around the world

I take pride in the fact that Canadians are seen as polite, peaceful, helpful people around the world

That people proudly sew Canadian flags to their clothes and bags when they travel abroad

That we live in freedom.  Our police protect us.  Our leaders are not corrupt.

That we have no reason to take to the street to riot. 
Think of those in Tunisia & Egypt who peacefully demonstrated, risking their lives to stand up against evil regimes for basic rights that we all take for granted.  

A hockey team lost a game - another hockey team won

I am not proud of poor losers.
I am not proud of violence and vandalism.
I am not proud of stealing.
I am not proud of chaos.
I am not proud of ignorance.
I am not proud to be a Canadian today.


  1. Amen, sister. I am totally embarrassed by them too.

  2. My husband said to me, when we saw some of that footage, "Oh, you'd better ask Deb about those rioters".

    I think most of the world would realise they're the exception.

    They need to be sent to the rioters' equivalent of Horse School - to learn some manners.

  3. I blame the alcohol.

    Even in the winning city, the drunkards were jumping atop cars, trying to tip buses and causing general mayhem. None of it makes any sense!

  4. Sometimes people do amazingly stupid things and it doesn't matter what country they are from.

  5. I admit I was shocked by this happening in Canada which I always think of as a calm, if rather sedate (sorry) country full of nice polite people. But feeling sad that these rioters have propelled you into the club founded by drunken British hooligans many years ago. I still think it will be a while before most Canadians have to be ashamed when visiting other countries, unlike most of my fellow Brits who try to merge into the landscape whenever we hear the drunken baying of our fellow countrymen and (sadly) women at any destination around the world. Commiserations and Chin up!

  6. i don't know what it is about pro sports these days. it's shameful. it never used to be like this. here in southern california recently after a dodger baseball game a few men and a woman beat an innocent man to within an inch of his life b/c he was wearing an opposing team hat. he is on life support. he of course is an upstanding married man with small children. can you believe this? i can't and i'm embarrassed to be a human at this point.

  7. I was honestly shocked to see the riot in Canada. That would be something I would sadly expect to see in my homeland, the United States. Sports fanatics can get a little out of hand at times. But I would never dream of judging a country by these "poor sports". I still believe that Canadians as a whole are kind, polite and beautiful people.

  8. stupid people are international, no country is free from them. And stupid people act like this only for stupid reasons, and sport is stupid reason numer one. I still love Canada. And I know these idiots will be punished.

  9. Well, it's just darned embarrassing, isn't it? In other parts of the world people are fighting and dying for human rights and democracy and our hooligans are rioting just for the sake of it and using as a the pretense that one bunch of men with sticks hit a frozen rubber disk more skillfully than the other bunch. How childish.

  10. Hold your head up high. Every country has it's cross to bear occasionally sometimes more than occasionally.


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