Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello All,
I'm very excited to share that the shopping centre where I work has started new a advertising campaign and they've asked me to do make-up on all the models - so they can promote the store I work in and of course celebrate the fact that we sell CHANEL, which is pretty rare in these parts.
My work can be seen in a giant poster that's on the outside of the mall, on the mall website, and in various special features of their fashion blog!

my giant poster!

Mall fashion blog banner:

click here to read the latest post on 'Neon & Neutrals'.  Here's a sneak peak of one of the models:

I have to say this model was a pleasure to work with and a very good sport; she usually wears dark brown, even brown lipstick, so this was a big departure from her comfort zone.  I think she rocked it and looks lovely, fresh, and summery!


  1. She looks like a famous person! Will you please fly to IN every day and do my make-up? Pleaeeeeease???? You're good, girl!

  2. What a big achievement. You must be so proud! It must make going to work exciting now.

    Your model's makeup looks fantastic. I love the lip color.

  3. Congrats on the big make-up job!

    Your model in the bottom photos is very pretty. She looks gorgeous in the make-up colours you've chosen.

    Very natural. I bet clients come flooding through the doors asking for your personal attention!

  4. How cool! I'd be quite chuffed with myself :-)
    And the model's makeup is so lovely and light, perfect for summer!

  5. wow, this is great!! The model looks very nice. I can't understad why she wore brown lipstick, I hope she changed her mind about that...
    I also hope you can get more work like this in the future. Iknow how satifying it is to see your work printed.

  6. She does look very fresh and summery. Congrats on your work! You're getting famous right before our very eyes, and I will say, it's well-deserved fame.

    I think of you every single time I put on the gray eye-shadow you sent me. I love the color by the way, and I'm trying very hard not to pull my eyes all out of shape while applying eyeliner, but it's tough. Soon I'll need advice on how to fix all the wrinkles I'm creating. ;-)

    Congrats again! Your model is beautiful and you did a lovely job.

  7. I hope all of those posters say 'makeup by L' on them!


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