Monday, May 9, 2011


While I was searching through my pictures for some that were photoshop-able candidates for THE hat, I came across some from the day my friend P and I went out for coffee.

Notice anything:
P's cup didn't have a sip hole?!  How weird is that?  Has that ever happened to you?

Speaking of P, she emailed me these pictures the other day:

Aren't those hilarious?  Great marketing strategy because I would definitely look twice.  If you ever see the Coca-Cola bag anywhere let me know ASAP.  I want one for my hubby!  I will pay for you to mail it to me!

Also I want to apologize for the gratuitous Princess Beatrice hat photos.  I really do have great taste in hats, as evidenced in the following photo:
At my nephew's 5th birthday party last week we smashed a dinosaur pinata in half then fashioned hats out of each of the halves.  My nephew started it...really, he did...totally his idea...
I have a great pic of hubby in the dino hiney hat, but out of love and respect I won't post it here...I think I'd rather save it for blackmail purposes down the's always a good idea to have a blackmail photo of the one who knows your deepest secrets ;)

I hope all of you had a lovely day Sunday of either being pampered or pampering your mamma!


  1. Your hat is so funny, but those bags are hee-sterical! The woman's body with the panties...HA, ha, ha...I'm still laughing.

  2. Those bags are great! I haven't seen them yet, but will keep an eye out! And I love your hat--dino hinnies are very cutting edge right now and you are right on trend!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. lol, thanks Mary Jo, glad to know I'm right on trend!

  4. Now, that's a good hat. You shoul probably send THAT one to pricess Beatrice...
    Those bags are crazy. Getting a bag like the one with the woman in her underwear it's probably the only chance I have to look thin.


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