Sunday, May 29, 2011

a little unexpected

The other day my uncle phoned me to say that he had some old movies (VHS mind you) that he was cleaning out and offered to give them to me.  As a kid I used to always borrow movies from him.   His collection was vast -  He had ALL the Elvis movies!  Blue Hawaii was my favourite!  I think he belonged to every movie club that existed. 
Anyway today I went up and he had 3 boxes full for me to take!

ps. - mum, I drove up...and didn't injure myself or others!  I even drove back home too.

the original Doctor Dolittle is in here!! The one with Rex Harrison & the 2-headed llama!

This box has all the James Bond movies - I'm watching "The Living Daylights" right now.  Also, "The Birds" & lots of Audrey Hepburn movies!

This one has all the Elvis movies, all the Pink Panther movies, and he Wizard of Oz.

My Aunt invited hubby & me to stay for dinner but we had to decline.  She was determined to feed us one way or another so she sent us home with a bag of potatoes.
They are mini potatoes that are red, white, and blue!!!
Have you ever seen blue potatoes?!

you have now!  they are really like a deep purple, even on the inside!
I googled them and they supposedly taste just like regular potatoes.
I roasted some in the oven with pork chops to take as lunch to work tomorrow.  
Can't wait!


  1. I hope Hubby was with you! I'm glad you're driving, I see you can drive when you're tempted. ;)

  2. What a swag of videos! That'll keep you amused and away from bad influences (Mother and sister and untrained horse). 'The Birds'! Great movie. Is 'Psycho' in there?

    I have never seen purple potatoes. Ever. Canadians.

  3. I've never, ever seen blue potatoes. That's really cool. They'd be perfect for a 4th of July BBQ here in the States.

    Love old movies. Have fun watching them!

  4. the most exciting part of this is that you drove!!! awesome!

  5. I got a few of those blue potatoes in a bag from Trader Joe's. They tasted great!


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