Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Road Trip Weekend

Last weekend a good friend and I took a road trip to see her favourite band, Jars of Clay.
She drove about 5 hours just to get to where I live and then we drove about 4 and a half more hours to get to the concert!  We stayed at a little motel for the night and then first thing the next morning made the long journey back!
Even though most of the trip was driving, it was fabulous.  I haven't had a good road trip in a long time.  We stopped constantly to take pictures of street signs or things that made us laugh.  We had some good shopping and yummy comfort food.  And, the concert was excellent!  The band even had a table set up after the show where they gave autographs.  The lead singer was very pleasant.  He introduced himself and shook my hand!  So charming.

Here are some highlights in no particular order:

K pretending to be scared at the border crossing.  Yes, she traveled over 9 hours and into another country to see this band!

Jars of Clay signing autographs

Good to know! Too bad I'm not Catholic.

This sign was right in front of the doors to the church where the concert was.
Most places have signs to say welcome....

k, this sign says "Corinth Baptist Church".  I grew up Baptist and in the New Testament Paul writes letters to Corinth giving instructions to the new Christians there.  Probably only funny to K & I.

Dan, the lead singer.

Audrey Assad opened the show. She sang "Hungery Heart" by Bruce Springsteen and got us to all sing along!  

This kids danced like crazy people the whole time!!


Derek Webb was another artist on this tour.

This is the whole ensemble.

K with Jars!

Vegan Mother Look Away!
Click on this photo to enlarge!  That menu is hilarious!

These signs were everywhere!  I think the whole of Maine is a "high hit area".

k, this kid's arm was in my face for the whole 2nd half of the show!

The magic of macy's!

The fab bargains of Marden's!  Little did K know what was waiting for her inside!

These rockin' boots for only $10 !

Matt Maher

This made me feel like we never left Canada (even though we don't have signs that say this)

the Jars of Clay rainbow!  We saw this while driving to the show! Can you see it?

K modeling the shirt she made to wear to the the red light district bathroom.  It had one of those heat lights that glowed really red. 


Close-ups of the print on K's shirt

Isn't is just '70s retro fabulousness ?!

these robots came out as part of the encore, 'cuz every encore needs robots, and like the band said "Maine people are weird".

Love this sign for the Colony Motel.

Sucker Brook Rd!

Oh yeah, this was what our room looked like when we arrived!  Not Cool. We went out for a bit and it was all good when we got back.   

I thought these concert volunteer shirts were really cool.  They had Security shirts that said "You will protect me from trouble & surround me with songs of deliverance, selah.  Ps. 32:7b"

Has anyone eaten these? We were too scared so K decided she'd give them to her bother.

this is me with the band.  I think K was a little too giddy to focus on taking a picture where they were all looking.  Aren't you distracted by Steve's giant mustache?!

K pulled over for one of our many photo ops.

Impaled vehicles are big in Maine.

See what I mean?

These are from a tractor museum apparently.
Too bad we missed getting a picture of the impaled snowmobile.  It would have added a lot to this collection.

So, that was my weekend in a nutshell.  Stay tuned.  I'm leaving tonight for a trip to Calgary Alberta.  I've never been out west before so I'm very excited about it.


  1. Snort! You are such a seasoned traveler to venture out into these "wonderful" places. Gotta love Maine.

  2. thanks for the snort, you're so classy! See you this afternoon for my next jet-setting adventure!

  3. Looks like a blast!
    I'm glad you had such a great time with your friend.

  4. this was fun to read. Now I want to go to maine and see the impaled vehicles.
    Please take pictures of calgary too!

  5. oh oh...i've just read the menu! It's fun!
    (i'm a vegan with a sense of humor)

  6. I'm glad all my vegan readers have a sense of humour :)
    I will certainly take pictures of Calgary. I'm in my local airport right now and was very tempted to take pictures of the crazy body scanning device, but thought airport security peeps might frown on that.

  7. This brought back a lot of memories of some of my road trips from the past. Looks like sooo much fun!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. This looks like SO much fun! That menu is hysterical. Seriously. Ok, can I tell you how much I miss Mardens? LOTS! Seriously, I love poking around in that store. You never know what you're gonna find. If you find something, you better get it when you see it, because it will gone by next time. They even had some sort of catchy slogan warned people of that. Glad you had a good time.

  9. Wow now that looks like a weekend! Can't wait to see what you are up to in Calgary. Can you top this? :)

    Have fun! I just love Calgary :)

  10. i agree. it was a great weekend, just what the doctor light district bathroom and all.


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