Friday, April 22, 2011

Old Lady Feet

So, it's official:  I have old lady feet.
I thought it was bad enough when the corn/callus thingys were hurting my pinky toes....
it's worse, much worse.
I made an appointment to see a podiatrist and he said that I have planters facetious and need orthopedic insoles!  He said that because of the foot condition the ligament in the bottom of my foot is twisted.  He said picture wringing out a towel and that's my foot.  Because of the twist when I walk it's raising my pinky toe so it's getting more friction, hence the callus.
Let me just tell you that when you don't have medical coverage it should be considered cruel and unusual punishment to make someone pay the substantial sum of money required to even wear insoles. 

My $400 insoles!!!

Luckily a friend of mine had very generously given me a gift certificate for a really nice shoe store for my birthday so I was able to buy the cute flats I'd been eyeing for only $35.00.  I'm happy to say my insoles fit in them!
They are perfect for work, so comfy!
The footbed actually came out really easily so my orthopedic insole could go in., but purchased locally.

My next mission is to find a sandal that I could wear with the insole.  Easier said than done.  Luckily there are several brands that make sandals with removable footbeds!  Who knew?!  I took these home 'on approval' from my favourite local shoe store (where I purchased the above Born flats).  I tried them on in the store and the sales clerk was very helpful and showed me how to put my own insole in.  She suggested that I take them home for the weekend so that I can make sure they will really be comfortable and work well with my orthotic. How nice is that?!

Well, unfortunately when I wore them around my house after about 10 minutes they started bothering the callus on my pinky toe.  It rubs it just between the straps.  I'm finding it very tricky to find orthotic sandals that don't have straps over the toes.  Tomorrow I'll be taking these back to the store and maybe they can order in another model.

I've found these online and I can have them shipped to my door for less than the sandals above.  So, I might have to give them a try... depending on the return policy if they don't fit properly.

Since I have to stand all day for my job I need something relatively flat that will fit my insole. And it's a more dressy environment so I'm often wearing skirts and dresses, likewise for church on Sunday.  
For me having a dress sandal to get through the summer is crucial. 

My husband is being surprisingly gracious about spending money on new quality footwear, but only for what's needed.  Which, I understand but I like having shoe options!  
Different colours for different outfits.  I'm a girlie girl, darn it!
Luckily I've found a consignment store in my area that's already taken some of my old clothes and shoes.  Maybe I can make some consignment money to fund a 'fun' pair of orthotic friendly shoes.

My shoe wardrobe is being drastically reduced and it's a little upsetting.  I have old nikes, the new black flats, flipflops (no, I can't put the insoles in them but you try going through summer without flipflops!) and soon a pair of dress sandals.  THAT'S IT! 4 pairs of shoes!! That's all I can responsibly put on my feet.  I know there are worse things in the world, but I have my moments of feeling down about it.  In think I'm going to keep a pair of wedges and strappy nude heels for special occasions.  Oh, and my motorcycle boots, so that's 7 pairs all together.  6 black and 1 nude, I'm so bored!  It's no fun being practical but my feet will thank me, and they're the only pair I have!


  1. I don't have calluses, but I have to wear insoles all the time (and since I was 12 ) because if I don't my back and my neck get stuck ( like I am right now).
    If it makes you feel better, insoles prices are an international problem: mine are about the same price as yours!!

  2. Oh no! I blame the parents! :)

    What about clogs? Will they take insoles? Could you wear them? They're Scandinavian chic, and if anyone argues ...

    What about Doc Martins? Are they suitable? They seem to make a range of different styles now.

    You poor thing ... I can understand how frustrated you'd be.

  3. Sorry you're having such terrible problems with your feet. My husband has bad problems with his too. His feet are 100% flat - no arch at all. It really hurts him to be up on a ladder all day or to work on concrete, etc. He's always wanting a foot rub! Looks like you're finding some good options to wear with your inserts. At least you're stuck in old lady shoes. ;-)


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