Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Second (and third) Etsy purchases

Soooo, I need to lay off the Etsy...and learn how to say no (to others and myself).
I decided that if I'm going to wear vintage hats, I need a vintage hat pin for said hat (see it here).  So, to Etsy I went.

I found listings here:

and here:

I liked the pearls in the first set and the purple one in the second set.  The second set had a lower sale price and shipping price, but the first set had more - a real start to a collection - and the pearls.  

So, I sent the seller a message asking if her shipping price was set or an estimate.  While I was waiting for her reply I thought to myself "Laura, you don't need a giant amount of hat pins for one hat.  Get the cheaper set and the bead matches your hat anyway".  I made the purchase. 

Well, then the first seller messaged me back saying that she'd make an exception and ship them regular mail in bubble wrap and she'd only charge me a $1.50!  I looked at the listing and sure enough she had even changed the shipping price instead of just offering to refund me the difference. 

 I couldn't bring myself to just ignore her efforts and not buy them.  I also couldn't bring myself to message her saying that I'd found others but thanks I bought her set too...much to my husband's chagrin.  He just sighed at my inability to say "No".

All in all I only spent around $20.00, not breaking the bank by any means, but still more than I needed.

Long story short:  anyone else need a vintage hat pin?
 I've got some to spare!


  1. Better than my mess with the camera lenses! The hat pins are loverly.

  2. Deb: that's true, lol. I can't wait for my hat to arrive...I was hoping I'd have it for Easter but alas.

  3. I love the four pins in the last picture. very pretty.

    Don't beat yourself up over $20. most people spend way more than that for a week's worth of Starbuck's drinks....and you actually have something to show for your money!


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