Wednesday, April 13, 2011

more jet-setting. Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my trip to Calgary and the rocky mountains!
(Catch up with part 1 and part 2 )

We drove through Canmore on the way to Banff which brought back childhood memories 
of the beloved Air Farce character "Mike, from Canmore".

The mountains were soo impressive but the photos don't do them justice.
they fill your whole range of vision.
see all those white 'veins' of snow through the trees?  Those are paths avalanches created!

The highway takes you through Banff National Park, which means you have a buy a pass to drive through.  It was like $20!  Oh well, c'est la vie.

all the businesses and homes look like this

the whole town has this very quaint ski lodge feel

this ice explorer thingy does trips on the Athabasca Glacier
the tires are huge!

this is the gondola ride we took up the mountain

we sat in that little cable car phone booth thingy

now this is a rustic Starbucks!

keepin' it real. these are the seats at the Starbucks!
big chunks of tree trunks

there, that's better.

After getting some hot beverages to take with us
we got in to our gondola

passing another gondola on the way up

a look  back down at the starting point

hubby looks so cool

these gondolas were made in Switzerland, hubby was comforted by this

it's the weirdest feeling, this steady climb higher and higher above the trees

this is the cable we were hanging from.  the whole ride basically works like a ski lift

this support form keeps the cable straight and tight.  It's actually sticking straight out from the mountain, completely horizontal 

see the path?   there was an actual trail about halfway up!

arriving at the top!
the Banff Gondola climbs 2,292 feet to an elevation of 7,486 feet!

they weren't kidding

view from the landing 

they have all these signs to tell you how far away different places are from this peak.

see that peak?  there's a wooden walkway that leads to a lookout up there.

thinking of you Bobbi!

inside  they use the cable for hand rails

I'm thinking it's a little late for this sign by the time you get up here. 

off we go to the look out

here the walkway just disappears and there's a path around the mountain!  I don't think so.
we stayed on the walkway.

so beautiful and quiet

I'm a rebel, what can I say?

Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station.
who knew?

that's looking down to where the gondola dropped us off at the top of it's climb

the very top lookout.
They are skyping with their family on an iphone.  What a good idea!

chillin' at the top with my Starbucks, tall caramel macchiato to be precise

and now, the journey back down to the gondola

it's amazing how slippery these snow packed stairs are!

even though the sign warned me...

I still fell. 
 I'n the spirit of keepin' it real, I 'm so glad hubby happened to magically be able to capture this moment
on  camera
What are the chances?  

view from the bottom.  This is the route the gondola climbed.

and now, for your viewing pleasure, 2 videos of our decent back down the mountain in the gondola.  

After the gondola ride we headed back to the hotel to get ready for out 6am flight!  Keep in mind, in Calgary we're already 3 hours behind the timezone I'm used to!  It was brutal.

When booking flights it's easy to get caught thinking I'll take the earliest flight so we can just get home, and then we can relax. I'm here to tell you "Just Say No"

Even the pilot agreed with me.  He didn't show up!  The plane was fully boarded and the co-pilot come on to announce that we were just waiting for the pilot!  He seemed to be running late, lol.  Turns out he thought the flight was leaving an hour later.

Thanks everyone for indulging me.  

Now, to curl up in bed.  I'm sick as a dog with a terrible cold!


  1. Wow! The giddy heights! You were really high up.

    I even watched your videos ... nice pine trees! It looks freezing over there.

  2. My little yorkie ate scat or poison or something horrible at Lake Louise a few years ago. She almost scary. We took her to a wonderful vet in Canmore - stayed two nail-biting nights while she was hospitalized. On the upside, I recall a cool brewery on the main street there with great beer.

    Looks like you and your hubs had a great time. What a fun trip!

  3. You get more bang for your twenty bucks there than at Fundy Ntl Park!

  4. When you said 'gondola' I thought you were going up the mountains with a venetian boat. Then I saw the pictures and the videos and of course it's scared me when you said things like 'hanging from a cable' or 'feel like falling down' (or something like that, i don't remember the exact words, I'm at the shop and had to stop the videos several times because I had people coming in!). I really like mountains. Especially mountains with italian flags on it! Thank you!!! I have to come to Banff and change that flag with another one that indicates my town. Who cares about Rome.

  5. MMMC: It was definitely not for those who are scared of heights!
    Adrienne: wow, that must have been horrible! So glad there was a lovely vet to take care of her! (And good beer).
    Bobbi: I know, I don't get why they call it a gondola either. I always think of boats in Venice when I hear the word.
    Deb: I don't think hubby realized I was videotaping, lol.


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