Tuesday, April 12, 2011

more jet-setting. Part 2

K peeps, are you ready for more Alberta adventures?
This post is documenting our journey to Banff, nestled in the rocky mountains.
(read part 1 here)

Hubby and I rented a car for the day and did the mini road trip and let me just say, he is not my friend K.  K gets it.  
        ME: ooh! that's a hilarious sign, slow down
        K: yeah, let me pull over!

        ME: ooh! that's a hilarious sign, slow down
        HUBBY: I can't slow down, I'm on a highway

I can't be cross with him as I don't have my own driver's license...but, if I did he'd be fired as personal chauffeur for road trips.

all that to say, I did manage to snag some fabulous sign shots

like this:
Paintball and Injury Lawyers in the same building??
Too perfect!!

I thought this was pretty low-key and rustic for a Starbucks.  Little did I know...(keep reading)

We also passed a  pub & grill called "Toad 'n' Turtle".  We half seriously debated eating there, just for the novelty, but then decided against it.  

We did eat several times in the hotel restaurant and every meal was fabulous!  
I had a 'house' chicken caesar salad with asiago dressing and let me tell you, it changed my life.  
I don't think I'll ever really enjoy boring regular caesar salad again.

This is the only pic a took of the restaurant:

this is my favourite dessert ever:
This is their version of a s'more.  You already know I love a good s'more, don't you?
This version is a perfect brownie (not too crunchy or too soft) served warm with a perfectly toasted marshmallow and a heap of whipped cream.  Words cannot adequately describe.

Hungry yey?  Me too.
That's enough about food.

my chauffeur husband driving to Banff

See those mountains in the background? That's where we're headed.

 As we drove I noticed this road sign repeatedly:
not soo unusual

this I found to be a little more unusual, but apt


just hanging out between the twin highway.  
see how close that guy is?!

very cool

Getting closer to the mountains:

next stop....
...to be continued!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's third (and final) post.
I promise



  1. Exciting trip! Why do I think you'd see elk all the time in Canada? Maybe you don't.

    Do you ski in Banff?

  2. you're right. i do get it :)

  3. I want to see Canada so much. I just know it's my perfect country.
    ...I mean...Elks on the highway?
    I want to read the nenxt chapter right now.

  4. MMMC: it's a big country with varied climates and terrain so what wildlife you see really depends on where you are (I sound like the discovery channel). Where I live I see a lot of deer & moose. Elk is a whole other ball game! I'd love to visit Newfoundland and see the puffins!

    Karin: :)

    bobbi: if you ever get the chance to come to Canada let me know! I would reccomend the summer time though, lol. Next chapter will be up tonight!


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