Monday, April 25, 2011

Etsy Love

Several weeks ago I was reading a post on one of my fav blogs, Make Mine Mid-Century, where she was showing all the things in her favourites list on Etsy.   I thought today I'd do the same.  
Thanks for the idea MMMC!
Since I've got the upcoming Royal Nuptials on the brain (how can one not?) I've been perusing vintage hats.  There are 2 weddings that I'm attending this summer and I've decided to wear a hat. 

Isn't this vintage pink Christian Dior dreamy?

An orange feather whatsie is always a fun idea

I did break down and buy this simple lovely.  The purple tulle can be pulled down to veil the face!

How chic and Jackie O is this white leather cutie?

What a statement hat!
Do you wear hats to weddings? 
Are you going to dress up and watch the Royal Wedding? (It's ok if you are, I am - feathers and all!)


  1. I think that white pill box shaped hat would look good on you!

    And the first Christian Dior one is divine.

    I did buy a camel-coloured, woollen hat a while back, and now I don't know how to wear it ... on my head of course, but I think it looks funny. Possibly there are hat people, and there are not hat people.

    (I don't think I was the first to come up with the etsy list thing. No need to credit me, silly thing!)

  2. MMMC: I think I could wear the white one too. Hubby seemed to think one new hat was enough, men, they just don't get it. You know, I have a carmel-coloured woollen hat, it was my great Aunt's. I wear it to church often in the fall/winter. Way more stylish than a toque.

  3. I love the first hat as well although I think the poor gal modeling it has rather stony features.

  4. oh Deb, you're so funny. You know that Dior hat is only around $100 Canadian? I think that's a fantastic bargain! It looks to be in excellent condition.

  5. Hats are so much fun! And that Dior one is gorgeous. I have a vintage Dior and they are definitely worth the money if you love the shape and color. They last!

  6. I do like hats. Sometimes I kinda wish we wore them nowadays. I mean, I just never have a place to wear them, but if I did, I would. I always like trying them on in stores. And recently I talked a woman in JCPenny's into buying a great big hat. It looked wonderful on her and she was going to FL, so she need some sun protection. Hats are very fun and sophisticated.

  7. I just don't go to weddings. Usually I pretend I'm sick. It's just too much for me...finding the right dress, the right shoes, get the hair and nails done...
    The royal wedding is on tv, so it's my kind of wedding. I'll be wearing my sweat pants!

  8. Bobbi: enjoy watching the royal wedding stress free. I think you could show up at any wedding wearing one of your fab ribbon and bead necklaces and that's all people would talk about!


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