Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update

Exciting news:  the first signs of spring have arrived!
my tulips a peeking!

 Hubby & I cleaned out a spare room full of junk and found all kinds of things we had forgotten about.  Hubby found some artwork from high school, a 1985 Equestrian Manual, and an Aqua cassette tape (the one with Barbie Girl) while I found a whole box of shoes & sandals that I thought I had lost years ago!
Also, I found my limited edition MAC Barbie.  
Can you believe I forgot all about it?!
She's got black nail polish, over the knee boots and is carrying a big MAC make-up case! 
It's never even been out of the box!

We threw out a bunch of junk, took a car full of boxes for recycling and then dropped off some bags and boxes of clothing, bedding dishes, books, etc. to a local non-profit charity.

Saturday night we had youth group as per usual where I played an unusually challenging game of Scrabble.  I had all vowels, including  4 "i"s  for like 4 turns!  I finally had to give up a turn just to get all new didn't get much better.

Sunday after church my fam & I went to a good friend's house for a fabulous lunch and coffee 
(they roast their own beans!)

Then later that afternoon we had a good ol' fashioned burning party!
we burnt a few big piles of bush and debris 

and some of the dead grass off the field.

It's always fun to have a good ol' fashioned burning party!


  1. Looks like a smoking party to me! We had a great time Sunday with you and the friends. Excellent cooking.

  2. I am a Barbie collector. That MAC barbie is awsome!!

  3. In our town, we're not allowed to burn, but when we lived in Maine, my husband would start gigantic fires. He loved it and to be honest, the rest of us caught the fire fever. It was kinda fun.

    Great Barbie. It's always fun to find buried treasures. Glad you had a good weekend!

  4. A burning party sounds fabulous! Wish I could have attended. I adore the smell of the earth during this change in season, but mixed with a good bonfire is best!

  5. you're making more damage than good burning out dry grass.


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