Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Skincare Routine

I'm doing things a little backwards here.
On Tuesday I did a make-up post for Adrienne's blog The Rich Life (on a budget) and today I'm talking about Skincare.

This is my skincare routine, but some people are curious about it so I decided to share it.  Anyone can adapt the basic formula and use products for their skin's specific needs.

First things first:

These are the products I use everyday, morning and night.
1.  I remove my make-up with CHANEL Mousse Douceur foaming cleanser 
(in the morning I skip this and start with #2)

2. I wash my face with skiniD cream cleanser with salicylic acid
(Yes, make-up removal and face washing are 2 different things!  You have to wash the make-up off so the cleanser can really penetrate your skin and do its job)
*not shown - I remove access eye make-up with Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover when needed*
3. I tone my skin with skiniD acne treatment pads 
(toner rebalances skin's ph level and can prepares skin to receive the full benefits of the next product applied)

4. I use a skiniD acne treatment lotion 
(This, I admit, is an extra step for most people.  This lotion is meant to brighten skin & reduce acne scars which is why I use it)

5. I dab on Avene eye cream
(My eye area is really sensitive to rich eye creams and this is one of the few that doesn't give me little white heads under my eyes.  I also use M.A.C. Fast Response Eye Cream to add moisture to my eye area if I'm really tired or dehydrated)

6.  I use my moisturizer: CHANEL Ultra Correction Lift Fluid.
(This gives my skin lots of moisture, which is important because most products for acne prone skin are dehydrating.  And, it contains powders that absorb access oils)

 Not done yet!

If I'm getting ready for work and going to be wearing make-up I also use these:
7. M.A.C. Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone 
(This is a pore minimizer that I've just started using this and I'm not sure if I notice it doing anything...anyone else using it? What are your observations?)

8. M.A.C. Prep+Prime to smooth my skin's texture and absorb oil

9. Then I apply CHANEL UV Essentiel with SPF 50 to my nose and around my eye area  
(if you want a sunscreen that is thin, doesn't smell, and doesn't make your make-up slide off this is for you! It leaves your skin feeling soft and velvety Try it!!)

These are skincare products that I use anywhere from daily to monthly 
as supplements to my daily routine
The Gommage Microperle Purete is a purifying scrub.  I love how fine it is

The Masque Destressant Purete is a purifying & calming mask for acne prone skin.
I try to use each of these products ever 2 weeks or so, but sometimes it's only once a month.

The Masque Destressant Hydration is a great hydrating gel mask to add moisture to the skin.  I wear in in the tub because it draws moisture from the air and 'feeds' it to the skin.  It's great on chapped lips and noses.  I even put it on my husband sometimes in the winter (he's such a good sport).

Polysporin is my new best friend!  I use this immediately on any pimple and it makes them go away so quickly!  Also, I find it diminishes scarring super fast.  

hot tip: Do you get little bumpies on your upper lip when you wax?  Hold a warm facecloth to you lips for a minute to open the pores, gently pop the pimple (yes, i'm advising you to pop it, trust me on this - besides, you know you're going to anyway) then apply Polysporin.  Reapply at night and they will be gone the next day. It's incredible.

Also, I get AHA peels regularly - about once a month - to brighten & smooth my skin.  I can't get over how velvety smooth my skin feels after an AHA treatment.  
They also help reduce the appearance of fine lines!

Are you overwhelmed?  Am I ocd?  I get so stressed about traveling and trying to pack all this stuff.
I'll never be able to just fly with a carry on....I'm afraid I'm just too high maintenance!


  1. My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII( to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's moisturizer is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it

  2. Hi Gillion,
    I've heard of the SKII line, but never had the chance to try...closest place with product like that available is a 2 hour plan ride away! I'm glad you (and Cate Blanchett) like it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I must access the excess. I had no idea you used all these things!

  4. That's lots of stuff, but if I put all of my skin care items together, it would look like tons too.
    I am almost out of exfoliant and bought some at CVS - an organic natural brand (can't remember). It was horrible. I am returning it today. I think I may buy the Chanel one you mentioned. I know it's going to be spendy, but I rely heavily on an exfoliant to keep my skin looking decent.

    Thanks for another great and informative post!

  5. What about doing a post for lazy people? Like me.
    A post for people who are too lazy to shave their legs and their armpits appreciate it that they get any attention at all.

    Who are also....dare I say it???

    TERRIFIED of makeup? Have never walked down a makeup aisle.

    But still want to look nice...if it wasn't so much work. So they don't.

    Do you have minimal makeup for the lazy?

  6. Dear Anon,
    thanks for your comment! I'll do a post tomorrow on Make-Up: The Lazy Gal's Guide.

  7. Oh sweet ... that's nice to think of people who don't have time, but want to look nice. They're important too.

    I do feel better after the post I did on not having makeup and getting lots of suggestions. I find I make a bit of an effort now with the little bit of makeup I bought ... I'd never buy as much as you have, but then that's your industry.

    I've found all your posts very helpful.


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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