Friday, March 11, 2011

Make-Up Follow Up - Lazy Gal's Make-Up

Since posting about make-up basics and when to splurge on products at The Rich Life (on a budget) I've had a great time reading everyone's emails, comments, and questions on both blogs.  I've tried to get back to everyone who had a specific question and today I would like to feature one question in particular.

Anonymous said...

What about doing a post for lazy people? Like me.
A post for people who are too lazy to shave their legs and their armpits appreciate it that they get any attention at all.
Who are also....dare I say it???
TERRIFIED of makeup? Have never walked down a makeup aisle.
But still want to look nice...if it wasn't so much work. So they don't.
Do you have minimal makeup for the lazy?

So to Anonymous and to all Lazy Gals out there, here's a short clip of easy 5 minute make-up:

* I apologize on behalf of all Canadians:  Aparently I do a slight Sarah Palin impersonation when I'm nervous, this is not a reflection of Canadian accents *

Things to note:

If you're intimidated by choosing products alone ask a friend who wears make-up to come with and help you find things.

Beauty counters, while they can be intimidating, are a great way to try on colours and get recommendations.  Don't be scared, they are paid to help you! It's their job to make your life easier!

Another option is going to the MAC website and at the bottom left of the screen you will see 'live chat' where you can ask questions to a MAC make-up artist.  They can only give advice on MAC products and colours.

Products featured in the video:

M.A.C. Opulash Mascara.  $14.00 (CAD)

CHANEL Extrait De Gloss.  $37.00 (CAD)

Vitalumiere Eclat Compact.  Moisturing powder foundation.  $75.00 (CAD)
It comes with the brush!
If your skin is quite dry or tight feeling use a tinted moisturizer or semi-sheer liquid foundation instead.  Liquids can be applied easily with your fingertips. 

MAC Powder Blush.  $19.50 (CAD)

Want to be super lazy and  use the same product for your cheeks and your lips?
Stilla makes a lip and cheek stain for $24 (US):
*have not personally used this product

CHANEL Crayon Khon eye liner. I used a flesh toned one that's no loner available.  $24 (CAD) 

Stilla makes a flesh toned pencil called "Topaz" for  $18 (US)
*have not personally used this product

Hope that was helpful and easy to follow!

PS. to Anonymous:  Have you tried laser hair removal?  If the hair is dark it's a fabulous way to reduce leg and underarm hair.  I had 3 or 4 treatments done to my underarms and now there are litteraly about 5 thin hairs left.  I can just check them about once a month and pluck!  It's fab!


  1. LOVE this post! Love it. I am going to have my stepdaughter watch this...she's going to love it, too.

    I want one of those flesh pencil thingys. Too bad Chanel doesn't carry them anymore, but Stila will do.

    So I'm off to put highlighting shadow on my cheeks. I really am.

    Thank you for this.


    P.S. After watching this, I think I qualify as a "Lazy Gal"

  2. Can we get the nude pencil in Canada? I've never heard of Stilla.

  3. Adrienne: So glad you enjoyed. This really is all the make-up a gal needs for a nice 'every day' look.

    Deb: You can find Stila at Sephora in Canada and I belive some Shoppers Drug Marts carry it.

  4. You really lasered your pits? You are committed to hair care for sure! I've thought of get my upper lip zapped. My hair is just so dark, it would be nice.

    Ok, I really loved this video. I like the easy face. I also had no idea NUDE eyeliner existed. Where have I been shopping all my life? It's kinda cool. I like brightening things for the face. My face always needs brightening.

    Great post. I have no idea how you put on makeup in front of the camera, but kudos to you. You don't even make funny faces when putting on mascara. You should see the faces I make!

    Happy Weekend to you. ps. Yesterday while in the mall, I noticed that JC Penny is getting a Sephora counter (still in progress). You ever use their stuff?

  5. Swung over from the loyalist cottage....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I adore your mother. :)

    anyway, loved this video...I am a lazy girl and have never gotten too much into makeup so this was fun. I'm def. gonna try the nude eye pencil as soon as I can find it....I need a little brightening! :)

    have a wonderful day ~

  6. I don't know if I'm a lazy girl but I'm still lovin my Katy Perry Shattered NP. Sorry to hear that your mom has been brainwashed by the vegans. No ice cream cake for you! Hope you have a happy birthday anyway.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU!! I plan on sending you something special ... but I have to get around to it.

    Happy Birthday again ... I'm so glad I've met you and your mum.

  8. Thanks MMMC & Urban Cottage for the b-day wishes.
    Urban Cottage: yes, I'm quite fearful of those brainwashing vegans, but all I can do is continue to love her. So glad the polish is working out for you ;) There will be a silver one available in May.
    MMMC You made me laugh right out loud. Please don't inconvenience yourself on my behalf! I'm so glad to have met you too!

  9. Happy Birthday to you.

    PS, I love the question from Anonymous about not shaving her legs etc.


    Hope your special day is the best ever. Eat lots of cake and make this a great year. You're a special woman with real talent that you use to help other people and we are thankful. Happy Birthday to you.

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