Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gone To The Dogs

K, every time I see Pedigree dog food commercials I think to myself "I think that's David Duchovny's voice" or "I'm sure that's David Duchovny's voice".  Tonight I finally googled it.  These are the big issues people - what celebs are voicing what commercials.   Watch and listen:

Yes, several google searches confirm that it is, in fact, David Duchovny.  Whew, so glad that's been solved.
Now we can all sing the David Duchovny song!

Please excuse the video quality, it's the best I could find on youtube.


  1. I had to google who David Duchovny was. I had an inkling, but you never can be too sure ... I thought it may have been the red-haired dude on CSI Miami.

  2. I did not know he had a song. Must be falling on hard times to do dog commercials, hmmm.

  3. MMMC: hmmm what is the red-haired dude on CSI Miami's name?? I always recognize him but never know
    Deb: Oh yes, the song has been out for years, I guess this video was made by x-files crew members as a joke for his birthday. If the qualilty were better you could actually spot some celebs.
    Clara: Welcome to my blog! Thanks for the complement!

  4. david duchovny is sexy. Even in dog food commercials. The red haired from CSI is David Caruso. Those are really red hair. Every time I watch a CSI episode I just stare at them.


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