Thursday, March 31, 2011

busy bee

This week has been super busy for me!
At work we are excitedly planning a big event for the launch of a new CHANEL lipstick, Rouge Coco Shine so every spare minute has been filled with designing posters and ads as well as calling clients, friends, etc. to come and participate.  We've dreamed up a fun contest for our clients and everything!  Should be fun, but I'll be happy when things quiet down again.

Speaking of CHANEL, has anyone else seen this little french docomentary series called "Signe CHANEL" that airs on Fashion Television?  I find it so interesting.
Here's a clip from the 1st episode:

I would love to aprentice to be a 'petite mains' at a couture fashion house.  Or, study milnary and make fancy hats and feather whatsies.  Maybe in my next life...

In other news, I'm excited to be going away with a friend this weekend!  We're taking a road trip to see a concert!  I'll be sure to fill you in with all the exciting details!


  1. Have fun this weekend!!!

    My husband just bought us tickets to see Michael W. Smith in concert in Vermont at the end of April. Should be fun.

    Sounds like work is keeping you busy. It's good you get some "play" time this weekend.

  2. Have fun in "Banger" as Papa used to say!

  3. How fun to be working on a Chanel lipstick campaign! Can't wait to see what you designed for it! I love that series on Chanel and keep it stored on my DVR in dread of the day that the power goes out and erases it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. I adore Chanel. Coco is one of my icons. Have you seen the movie?
    Too bad I don't look good with lipstick...


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