Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Brows Post

A reader has asked me a few times what I do to groom my brows.  Basically every time I wash my face I check out my brows and see if they need tweaking.  I maintain them pretty much daily so that I'm never back to square one trying to determine the basic shape.
If you are at square one now, go have your brows shaped by a professional and then maintain the shape at home.

Here's my routine:

 These are my tools
small cuticle scissors, spoolie brush and angled brow brush from MAC, tweezerman tweezers, brow powder duo from MAC.

The first thing I do is bush my brows with the spoolie brush, a clean mascara wand will do too.

I check to see what hairs are sticking out beyond the brow itself.
I trim the lower ones free hand 
And use my spoolie brush as a guide for the top

Then I tweeze out any strays, both below and above my brow.
I love my tweezerman tweezers because I can be precise and they're not so sharp that they break the hair.

Then I use the brow powder to fill in my brow.  I use a stiff angle brush in short, little strokes in the same direction as the hair growth.

Et Voila! Finished brows

And they fit the brow rules!
These lines mark where brows should start, arch, and end.
Mine aren't quite long enough to satisfy the formula, but I think close enough.

Everyone's brows are different and unsymmetrical, the famous line is 
"make them look like sisters, not twins"

and, if you mess them up, there's always bangs!
swoopy side bang if you can only get one brow looking fab
pull a Sandra if they need some major renovating

Here are a few celeb brow makeovers to inspire you.

I like how Denise Richards' brows still look full in the second picture, and I think the more defined shape suits her better.

Drew Barrymore is wearing her brows thicker and more natural these days; I like it.

From very gamine and thick brows to full and polished.

I prefer the soft arch on JLO to high arch.

Madonna's brows were as wild as her persona.  Now they are much more tame, but her daughter may be following her wild footsteps.


  1. Very helpful, as usual.
    Last time I trimmed my brows with scissors, I massacred them. I really need to just calm down whenever I put a sharp instrument near my face.
    Mr. tweezerman makes the best tweezers money can buy.
    Audrey's later brows are my fav.
    xo, A

    P.S. A special package is in the post for you - 10 days to get through customs. You should have it by month's end :)

  2. Great post! I love those before and afters. You've been a world of help to me and I thank you. My brows also thank you. The world thanks you. ;-)

    Seriously, you do a good job. I think some people with super arches get a funny look to their faces, like their eyebrows are always in animation even when their faces are relaxed. You hit the right balance of natural yet polished.

  3. As a recipient of this expertise, I highly endorse this post.

  4. Amazing. Yours are perfect. Perfect! I'm afraid I'm a mess with them. I think about it maybe every week, plus my brows are *beasts*. They are so big, and that's with shaping. So I just attack them with the scissors to reduce their effect.

    Always elegant--that's me. :)

  5. Adrienne, glad this was helpful. I can't wait for my surprise in the mail! Thank you!

    FringeGirl, thanks, and I agree - lots of people are walking around with a 'plotting evil deeds' look to their face because of over arched brows.

    Deb, thank you!

    Aesthetic Alterations, your brows always look great in the pics I've seen on your blog! Mine can be bushy, and tend to grow down and out & they have their own shadow when I walk outside!


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