Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yesterday was my 27th birthday. 

This is what Ms. Hepburn was doing when she was 27:

Still from Funny Face.  Isn't she just lovely?

I am officially thisclose to 30.  Strangely turning 26 was harder;  I think it was the initial realization that I was now over 25. Turning 25 was bad enough; I litteraly moved into a new age bracket!  In surveys I was no longer 18 - 24, I had to move up to the next one, so unsettling. 

Anyway, yesterday was delightful.  I posted the make-up video that I had filmed Thursday night and in doing so have preserved my 26 year old self in blogland and youtube forever.

My hubby surprised my first thing in the morning with lovely earrings that match a bracelet my father gave my this past Christmas.
I love them and wore them (with the bracelet) all day yesterday.  

Hubby made me breakfast and then we drove in to work together. 

I ran into friends unexpectedly while on my lunch break.

It was quiet at work so I got to leave early and enjoy an impromtu hair appointment (is anything better than having your hair washed & scalp massaged by a professional?)

Hubby and I met for supper at what is fast becomming my favourite place to eat that I can't afford.  It was a nice treat (and I had a gift certificate!).  

 newly Vegan Mother look away:
Yes it's just a burger joint but when they say Gourmet they mean it! A burger, fries & drink at this place for 2 people costs over $35.00. 

Then we went to Blockbuster to see what previously viewed movies they had for sale so we could enjoy a quiet night in. 
I found Pirate Radio for $6.99!
I've been wanting to see it for months so I scooped it up right away! 

We stopped in a little mom & pop resaurant down the street from Bbuster and bought 2 pieces of the best cheesecake in a 100 mile radius to take home with us for our movie watching.

We plopped on the couch and watched the movie, ate cheesecake and shared a coffee.  Everything was wonderful!  The movie was hilarious (in that Brittish humour sort of way) but if you are not a fan of classic 60s rock or don't have a love for movies that captures the 60s free living life maybe it's not for you.  If however, Almost Famous is anywhere on your top 10 list, do not hesitate to watch this film!  Source it immediately.

All in all a lovely day.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  The fun continues Sunday when I have a little family get together at my parent's house. 


  1. You and Urban just can't keep a secret! Glad you had a great birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, L.! It sounds like you had a super day.

    Have a great birthday weekend!

    xo, A

  3. Has your mother gone completely vegan? She'll be hugging trees that line her driveway next! Crazy Canadians.

    That birthday of yours sounds like a great day ... and I second you on a good hamburger. Sorry Deb.

  4. What a perfect, happy birthday. Twenty seven is a spectaculous year. I am fretting about my daughter turning two yesterday!

  5. Sounds like a perfect birthday!!! I'm glad. Love your earrings and bracelet. They are both beautiful. Your meal looks YUM! How can your mom go vegan? I could never do it. She's a good woman.


  6. I'm glad you had a perfect day like that. and your mother is fab. I just told her so.

    P.l.e.a.s.e. I'll be forty, 40, FOURTY, in september. Age is just a number! To me it was strange to turn 20, but from that on everything went smoothly. I didn't care, and i still don't. I'll be forever fifteen. Especially if you keep sharing beauty lessons!!

  7. Happy belated birthday. So glad you had a good day.


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