Thursday, February 17, 2011

This one's for you

FringeGirl & Make mine Mid-Century, that is.

These two lovely ladies and funny bloggers have mentioned, suggested,  & finally asked me to do a make-up how-to post. 
Well, here goes.
Enjoy ladies.

Products used: CHANEL Liquid Liner, CHANEL Eyeliner Brush, CHANEL Sublime De Chanel Mascara.

Other products I would recommend: M.A.C. Makes a great gel-based liner called Fluidline that is very easy to use with either a tiny eyeliner brush shown in the video or a small, thin angle brush (M.A.C. #266 brush). Or, for true liquid liner M.A.C makes Liquidlast Liner.

May I say it's very tricky setting up some sort of rigamarol to not only film yourself on your camera, but also see yourself on the camera to make sure you're in the shot AND be able to see yourself well enough to actually apply liquid eye liner!  I hope I figure out a better system soon....and one with better lighting.  I filmed this at work (hence the high tech laser equipment in the background).

Also, what's up with my mouth, I had no idea that I spoke out of one side like that....very Jean Chrétien...
This has been a very revealing experience in ways I had not anticipated.


  1. Great how-to! Thank you for posting this...I have a hard enough time getting a still photo of myself so I can't imagine how much hassle this was.

    What brand of brush and liquid liner did you use? I just tossed mine recently and need new.

    And I don't see that you talk out of the side of your're great on camera.


  2. Adrienne,
    I spent all this time adding text to pop up in the video to tell what I used...but I realize now that my blog is too narrow and it cut off the right side of the video...where the text was. Ugh, technology is such a pain sometimes!
    I'll re-edit the post to include the make-up info and some recommendations.

  3. Wow! That was really helpful. I can do that. No one had breakfast until I WATCHED THIS VIDEO!

    I've never seen mascara that doesn't look like mascara before.

    You should have your own tv show ... you look and sound the goods! Your Mum'd say it's good genes!

  4. K, I've reformatted my blog so I can show full videos with-out them being cut off. More changes to come, I am sure.

    Thanks for all the positive feedback!
    MMMC: I'm glad you have your priorities straight!

  5. Hey, that was great!!! I really enjoyed this video and I'm going to watch it again. I've never used liquid eyeliner, because I'm afraid. Silly, huh? Anyway, You've inspired me. I'm going to buy some liquid eyeliner and play around. Thanks for the 'how to' video. I needed it!!! Sorry it took me so long to watch it. Wish I had my computer sooner.

    Here's my next question? How'd you get such perfect eyebrows? I'm in an eyebrow crisis. I decide to let them grow in wild and start from scratch.


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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