Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red Lips. Or, blurring the lines between life & work.

Here is what Perfumes Plus had posted on their website/blog for Valentine's day.
I thought I'd share:

Special thanks to my co-worker who modeled her perfect lips for me with the patience of a saint.

Want your red lipstick to last through dinner?  
With the proper steps you can have a pout that will stay put!

You need:
1. Red Lip Liner
2. Red Lipstick
3. Lip Brush
5. Tissue
lipstick: Gabrielle #19, lip liner: Rouge #24.  CHANEL

optional:  light shimmery shadow as a high light
Eyeshadow: Lotus #46. CHANEL

Step 1:

 Line lips and fill them in completely with a red lip liner.  The red should be close to the lipstick shade.

Step 2:
 Carefully apply red lipstick straight from the tube.

Step 3:

Blot lips once with a tissue.

Step 4:
Reapply lipstick with a lip brush.
Retouch with lip liner if needed.

Step 5:

With a fluffy brush, dab a shimmery eye shadow just above center of lips to highlight the cupid's bow.


tips while dining:

-Avoid gloss, it will make your lips more prone to bleeding.
-Take small bites.
-Dab mouth with napkin if needed, do not wipe!
-Avoid foods that are very greasy/oily - they dissolve make-up.
-Between dinner & dessert use your red lip liner to touch up - you can be more precise.
bonus:  CHANEL lip liners have a brush on the end of them!


  1. Your friend has some enviable lips! Oh la la!

    Thank you for the lipstick lesson. I often avoid lipstick because I worry about it not staying on properly and I love the tip about the cupid's bow. I'll have to try that out.



  2. Oh goodness! That's technical. I bet Chanel lipsticks smell nice too.

    Your pal has wonderful lips. I hope she gets to use them every-so-often.

    I'd like to see a post on the application of liquid eyeliner. Really.

    I'm starting to feel like your my personal makeup artist!

  3. MMMC: the lipsticks do smell nice, but not too strong.
    I'll work on a liquid liner post, my co-worker mentioned doing one too.
    I am your personal make-up artist....the cheque's in the mail, right?


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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