Sunday, February 20, 2011

Questions & Bargains

First things first...
Do we like the new font change or find it difficult to read?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Now, on to the main event.
As mentioned in yesterday's post Mum and I went on a little shopping trip.  Nothing wild and crazy, but we did score some good deals!

This is the blouse mum got at Sears:
Later we found a fun necklace to wear with it at another store: 

The necklace was 35% off and so were all of mum's other purchases at that shop, so in the end, she saved more than she even paid for the necklace!

This is the shirt I found at Sears.  I like the whole "old lady" look 
so I was really drawn in by the bow at the neck. 

Also, I can wear it with the snazzy dark brown dress pants I scored at the Olsen Europe last week.

Then, at the same store where mum found the necklace, I found this silky shell:
Love the detail on the front, and the best part?  It was on sale for $7.50, taxes included!!!

Then today I went shopping at my parents house!  They graciously offered hubby & me a dresser to replace one of ours.  Aren't they generous? 
I would love to say that I have grand plans to sand it down and paint it, but I know in my little heart of hearts it will never happen.  We still haven't tackled the horrifying bathroom ceiling and that's not really a hard job.  Is it weird that I would happily accept repainting the bathroom ceiling as my birthday present?!  It just seems wrong somehow. 

Anyway, off to reorganize my drawers!


  1. Somehow, that ugly old dresser looks very nice!

  2. Duly noted. Like this font?
    Also, I think the dresser looks nice too, maybe it's the matching dark basket underneath, it all works together.
    oh, did you like the pic I found of your necklace? It took some sourcing.

  3. This new font works a treat for me.

    I like the dresser (I'd call it a 'chest of drawers')... I'd sand it down and make it a lighter natural colour ... but you crazy Canadians will want to paint it, so I say, "Go ahead and paint it!"

    I hope I never go clothes shopping with your Mum, because she might call me an 'ugly old dresser!'

    I love your Mum, by the way. She looks great up there!

    Why don't more people read you? It's beginning to agitate me.

  4. oh MMMC, I highly doubt either of us would call you an ugly old dresser!
    And, calming breath, I really don't mind if only a handfull of people follow this blog. If I wanted a few more I could link it to my FB account but I'd rather have strangers find me 'organically'. As it is, I have no post pressure.

  5. hello !!
    the crazy italian here is with you on sanding and painting the dresser. Do it! Paint it yellow. (I'm painting my dresser and side tables light green when I'll have time...)

  6. Ok...I left a long comment earlier today and I see it did not come through. Now I know not to comment via iPad.
    So here's what remember writing:

    - your mom is a cutie.

    - I love the black top

    And I think I forgot to say that I like the dresser the way it is, all natural - in case you were wanting opinions. And the font is kind of art deco-ish, yes? I like it very much.



  7. Bobbi: Welcome! I don't know if hubby would be a fan of the yellow. But I'm with you in general about painting furniture fun colours. When I was in university I found a great desk with 2 large side drawers that I lugged home and painted bright turquoise. I loved it!

    Adrienne: that sucks! I hate computer-y glitches, thanks for rewriting! I don't mind the dresser the way it is, but when you see it up close, it has a few nicks and chips in the stain. Still, an improvement on what we had. This one originally had a big mirror on the back, so I'm going to keep my eye out for one, and then I'll probably have to stain or paint them to match each other.

  8. I love the pussybow blouse! They are my favorite! I have three and I love to wear them with nice jeans or pencil skirts, they are classic :-)

  9. We have the mirror here. I didn't think you'd want it!

  10. Sara Loise: I agree! They can do no wrong, never heard them called that before though.

    Deb: me, not want something free??

  11. Before you start painting anything you should find out who the furniture manufacturer is. The style and finish make me think it is Stickley or Stickley inspired. It's certainly mission style. Knowing your mums love of antiques, I would check it out. If its a knock off I say paint it, if not, leave it. I would love to have another piece of Stickley.

  12. Charming's Mama: look at you being all knowing and helpful. I will take your advice and look into this. Also, I will get that mirror from my mum!!

  13. Love your deals! Your mom's shirt is really pretty and you do 'old lady' extremely well. I like the new blog look. It's very easy to read/navigate.


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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