Sunday, February 27, 2011


Look at these little kids playing hockey.

Too cute for words.
They came out after the 2nd period of the 'real' hockey game.

In other cute news,
Look at these bunnies:

This breed is called a Dwarf Hotot.  They wear eyeliner!!
They almost look like a cartoon.  

And then these little guys:

I think they're my favourite.

Another Netherland Dwarf rabbit

Since my long time companion and pet Lucy passed last August we decided not to get another dog right away.  Hubby and I both work out of the home all day and it's just not fair to keep a dog cooped up.  I'm allergic to cats and our apartment is too small for a litter box anyway.

I was fine for a while, but I miss having a furry little thing to cuddle with.  Last night I was trying to think about pets that don't need walking (or to be taken outside in snowstorms) and I started googling breeds of rabbits.  Aren't they just too precious?!


  1. I like those last rabbits ... the Netherland dwarfs. The first picture I thought was a toy!

    Those little ice hockey players are cute. I know one of my lads would love to play ice hockey and whack a puck with a stick.

  2. Your getting broody. The bunnies are cute. And so are the timbits.

  3. Rabbits need a lot of time and attention (even more so than dogs) so don't think about getting one if your going to be at work all day. It wouldn't be fair to the bunny to be cooped up in a cage/small apartment with no companionship.

  4. Hi Anonymous, no worries, I'm still pet free. I realize that all animals need attention and time and love. I was just enamored with how cute those little bunnies are. Thanks for your concern


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