Saturday, February 19, 2011

Business Casual

What do you consider to be 'business casual'?
I'm curious about this semi-vague description of appropriate clothing.
This is one outfit that I came up with for a work training seminar I was attending.
hair up with one of my fav accessories: zipper flower headband

fun ruffle blouse in a great colour  under a black blazer (made with a knit fabric, like t-shirt material)

wide leg, darkwash jeans. They're the comfort jeans from Reitmans. 
I love that zippers and buttons don't protrude from the flat waistband!
Fluevog shoes. Comfy & fun...and give me like 3" more height!

Now this next outfit, which I wore out shopping today with Mum, could also be considered business casual, but has a totally different vibe.

shirts: joe fresh & suzy shier, cardigan: H&M, pants: Olsen Europe.
These are what  I call my "70s Granny Pants" not to be confused with my Old Lady Florida Pants - that's a whole different look people.

Look at the tag on these pants:
ok, ignore the size, and look at the price!
Regular price: $219.00!!! for $19.99

I like the snazzy front detail with the buttons and I love the light turquoise colour.
To me this second outfit seems less business and more casual,
even though I'm wearing 'dress' pants & not jeans. 
Does a jacket/blazer trump jeans for a more professional look?

What are your thoughts on business casual? 
What are your go to outfits when you want to look professional or polished?


  1. Yes, that first outfit looks much more businessy-casually-ish. Maybe because there's a predominance of black and your hair's up? I would never have thought those pants were jeans.

    Workwear is one (of the many) reasons why I dislike 'working for the man' ... though I am looking forward to shopping here when I eventually go to work. I think Herringbone in Australia hits the nail on the head for business attire.

    Ironically, that's a herringbone pattern on your bargain pants!


  2. MMMC: I love me a good herringbone pattern :)
    I'll have to check out that website. Enjoy your shopping!

  3. The first outfit is more work casual to me. The second one would be too casual for me. But what do I know???

  4. Ok, I like your outfits. You have a very cute style. I can't believe you found pants marked down SO MUCH. Good for you!

    I don't know what business casual is anymore. I thought it was like casual pants (not jeans)...what do I know though? I dress to go to church, kid events, and the grocery store. Not an exciting life for me. I'm lucky if I can throw together an outfit that doesn't include denim.


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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