Friday, February 25, 2011

Birds of a feather...

... should all flock together!

Kate Middleton, future Queen of England.
Laura, future Best Friend of Kate Middleton.

Dear Kate,
     I wear feathers too.  Feather wearing is just one of many qualities and quirks I'm sure we share.  I feel that if you really knew me we would get on well together.  Besties for sure.
     I promise I'm not really just after your husband.  Can you really know that about your current friends?
I'm happily married, I could give you advice, be your confident.
Also, I could be your personal make-up artist, can your current friends offer you that?  I think not.

     Should you be considering sending me an invitation to your Royal Wedding please know that I would happily comply with your British custom of wearing a proper hat to such an occasion.  In other matters of wedding etiquette I believe neither black nor white should be worn when one is a guest, nor do I believe in trying to upstage the bride.  Please know that I wouldn't dream of giving a reason that you & Wills should not be wed, I think you two make a lovely pair.
     Part of your duties will of course be to keep up relations with the other Commonwealth Nations, like Canada, where I live.  I hear the first Royal Visit you and Wills will be making is to Canada.  I couldn't be more thrilled.  Our love for Canada is yet another binding factor in our friendship

     Think about it.   We can meet in person and have a good chat over tea in April.
I'll eagerly await your request for my are paying your guest's airfare, right?



  1. Darling post and great sales pitch. Fingers crossed that you get your invite.

    Love your feathered hair piece. You wear it well!


  2. Thanks Adrienne, I'll keep you posted!

  3. Love it! How can she refuse the offer of a friend who will do her makeup? Cute feathers! Please take plenty of pictures at the wedding...if photos are allowed.

  4. Blimey! Hope you get the nod, er invite! Very compelling arguments I'm sure.

  5. Please tell miss Middleton that you have a friend in Italy who can design for her the best wedding dress ever. I make the dress, you the make up, the rest will be history.

  6. FringeGirl: I will definitely take as many pictures as I am able and will privately offer you a viewing, but nothing that would be construed as publically posting private pictures or canoodling with paparazzi :)

    Bobbi: History indeed! I'm sure that will help seal the deal. I know she's under pressure to chose a British designer, but switching things up may just give her the press buzz she needs to whip up a frenzy. Or, maybe she could compromise and have you design the 'going away' dress that she will change into after the ceremony.


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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