Tuesday, February 1, 2011

apology + hats

Firstly, I apologize for my lack of blogging.  I know you six loyal followers have been sorely disappointed.
I just lost the will to blog for a while.  But, lucky you, I've been inspired to post again.

HATS. They're back, Tom Ford said so.
Have you seen his Spring 2011 show?  No? Of course you haven't, it was a trick question.  He held a very private camera free show using models including Beyonce and Julianne Moore.  Today on Fashion Television I saw the official film/teaser that was released from Tom Ford.  
The show was full of hats, scarves, & turbans.  It was glorious!  I'm all for hats and various head coverings and I'm actively trying to bring them back.  So, thank you Tom Ford; keep on the cause.

I want this outfit!
LOVE this look.

Doesn't Lauren Hutton look stunning?! 

 For more fab details of the show itself read this article.

how perfectly dramatic.  Would you wear a turban?  I still don't think I can pull it off. 


  1. Thank you for sharing these great photos with us! And I'm glad you've resurfaced. I get the whole "losing the will to blog thing" believe it or not.

    Lauren Hutton looks fantastic! That woman has some freakishly wonderful genes.

    I heard that turbans were going to be in this season - and I won't be wearing one here in the 'burbs. But they're fun to look at!

  2. I say turban like a Shiekh or someone else who wears turbans ... and set the scene!

    Be the first!

  3. Kelly of The Glamourai wears turbans quite often and really pulls it off.
    Maybe some day I'll be brave enough to try.

  4. I really like hats, but I never wear them. Well, I mean, I guess the knit kind with the pom-pom on top doesn't really count. Does it?



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