Friday, January 14, 2011

things i didn't buy while in Toronto...oh, and 1 thing i did

I always get excited to go to Chanel training in Toronto for many reasons.  One is that I live outside a small town and Toronto is a big city...with tons of fabulous shopping!   I like having one or two things to bring home that I know no one else will have.  This trip I had a very limited budget, but darn it, I just kept finding things I liked!
At H&M I managed to walk to the register with only 2 items in hand.  I had many trips to the fitting room though.
 Hot tip:  I found it very satisfying to take a picture of the item I couldn't have.  It made it easier to keep it on the rack.  So, when suffering the guilt from a potential purchase, snap a pic instead and you'll feel better walking away.
Here are a few things I had to leave behind:
how cute is this?!   I feel this is very Katie of The Neo Traditionalist.  She too has a penchant for polk dots and bows. I think it was only $49.50. Very reasonable, but I have no reason for it...alas....

k, this was more for my mum.  Look mum, scottie dogs!

and this little number was on sale for $20! but 
A:where/when would I wear it? (usually I just answer 'church' to those questions, but I think God has more important things for me to prioritize than having a new outfit each week)
B: hubby wouldn't 'get' it.

oh, and one thing I did buy... see the little turquoise luggage in the bottom of the pic.  It's a Heys ultra lightweight carry on.  I found it earlier that day at Winners for $34.00!!!  Steal of a deal!


  1. I've gotta say, "Foxy Lady!" in that last shot ... and that's probably not something you want God muttering when He sees you walk into Church.

    I concur about the photographing things being just as satisfyiing as buying them ... I've done posts on items I've found on Etsy and it cured my desire to buy them. Strange how the psychology works.

    Your Mother would be proud of you. I've spoken to her, you know. Actually, I've spoken to you too.

  2. Very wise of you daughter, but the clothes are great.

  3. MMMC: too funny! And yes, the brain works in funny ways.
    Deb: I know, they were. I didn't photograph anything at Anthro because I didn't want to look conspicuous, but there was a fabulous sweater in the 'clearance' section that I'm still thinking about. I think it was still around $100 on clearance!

  4. Your luggage looks pretty fabulous! That first polka dot dress is super cute. I love pretty dresses, but I don't have many events to get dressed up sad. I actually think it's relaxing to go shopping and try clothes on, even though I know I'm not going to buy them. Is that weird?

    Glad you had a good trip!


  5. I wanna go shopping with you! We could be frugal together. ;)

  6. I really love your idea though I might cry evertime I looked at that 1st dress!

    Great find in that luggage ....perfect!

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