Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clean up in aisle 5

I've been on a cleaning and decluttering kick lately.  
Maybe I'm turning into FF...if someone gives me a Rolex I'll know for sure.

I found this blog today, actually from FF's blog:  Rich Life on a Budget.  I scanned through a few of her posts, but the one I linked really struck me.  It's her post on this woman (Bea) whose life is soo streamlined it makes me uncomfortable!  I don't have the want nor the will to live my life like this woman, but I can do simple things.

I've been decluttering my tiny apartment for 2 days (no signs of stopping) and I feel better already.  Getting rid of junk I don't use and freeing up space I do need feels wonderful!  I've got a bag of clothes to donate and a box of various stuff to donate to good will.

The Rich Life on a Budget lady also showed these cool recyclable toothbrushes with handles made from recycled yogurt cups.  The brand is Preserve.  She gets them at Walgreens for $2.99.   Apparently Bea orders hers in from Australia.  I had some extra time on my hands this afternoon and wandered into a store called "The Feel Good Store".  I check it out every now and then.  They have yoga stuff, nice candles, every sort of tea you can think of, etc.  So today when I went in I saw the 'preserve' toothbrushes!  Go figure.  I'd never heard of them before today, and now I read 2 blog posts about them and see them.  It was $4.99, come in a recyclable travel case and includes a postage paid envelope to mail back the toothbrush so it can be recycled! Check it out here:

Jump on the bandwagon and clean, declutter, or buy an earth friendly tooth brush!


  1. Well my goodness, we've been doing the same things this week!

  2. I've been doing the same thing all morning! I even cleaned my drawers. Ah-Mazing! I've got more decluttering and cleaning in my future as well.

    I'm going to check out the links you've included in this post when I have more time. Never heard of those toothbrushes, but they sound cool.

    Happy Monday!


  3. Hi there!

    Thank you for the mention!

    What do you think of the Preserve toothbrush's angle? For me, it took a little getting used to, but now I don't even notice it.

    And I have to know what color you chose....



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