Monday, January 10, 2011

Attack of the Monday

So, yeah...
it's a real MONDAY Monday if you know what I mean.

Tonight I'm flying to Toronto for 1 night to attend a Chanel training session tomorrow.  They do these update sessions twice a year.  I really look forward to them, but I dread packing for them.  I dream of just taking carry-on luggage, but then I try to cram all my liquids, creams, and gels into a little ziploc bag and I go nuts.
Anyway, last night I packed.  I packed all my makeup with the thought that I would get to work early and just do my makeup there....

attack of the monday 1:  I slept in late.
 I had to shower and do my hair becuase I'm meeting a friend when I arrive in Toronto and do not want to look like a greasy bedraggled mess.  So, I showered.

attack of the monday 2:  while blow drying my hair (reminder:  1/2 of my hair still has a curly perm that I have to blowdry straight and then use a straightener!) and glance down at my watch on the counter.  I think, only quarter to nine, I have more time than I thought, this is great.  Like 10 secconds later my husband knocks on the bathroom door asking if I'm almost ready because it's quarter after nine!  This is when we usually leave.  My watch was upside down when I looked at it!  I still had wet, curly hair and was not even dressed yet. Yes, this is more a case of my own vainity's fault and not a Monday per se, but still...

attack of the monday 3:  Hubby and I are making our way to work.  I call ahead to tell my coworker I'm running a little late.  There's no answer....oh well, she's probably with a client...
I show up at 9:58 (store opens at 10) and the store is black.  No coworker.  I check the messages. She's sick with the flu.  This is bad, on a lot of levels.
    level 1:  She was scheduled to close.  I'm leaving early to catch my flight for Chanel training.
    level 2:  My boss can't fill in because she's in court, so I can't even reach her by cell and tell her what the   
                situation is.  My other co-worker is out of the city.
    level 3: Our store gets fined if we close before mall hours are over.
    level 4: I now have to call all my coworker's appointments for the day to reschedule.  I call the first one,  
               due to be here any minute and I hear a phone ring outside the gate of the store....he's here already, great.
                I look at her next client and my heart sinks.  She can be difficult to please shall we say.  We only
                have her home number, and it does not have voicemail.  I know she's going to show up and then
                be mad at me for not being able to magically make an aesthetican appear.  (true story, but I  
                managed to reschedule her for another day)

 This day can only get better right?  RIGHT?  My flights aren't going to be delayed or hijacked, or the airport loose power (that last one has happened to me),  there's not going to be a traffic accident on the highway, my hotel is not going to be out of power (that's happened to me too).  The rest of this day is going to be Blessed and Fabulous!  And then tomorrow is Tuesday, so it will be fine.

Epilogue:  I got a hold of my bosses daughter who in turn got a hold of her mother.  I was told to call mall admin and explain our extenuating circumstances.  I did, so I've got the green light to put a sign on our store gate and leave early enought to catch my flight.
  The first client was very understanding and I was able to reschedule him for another day.
  The second client refused my offer of a free polish change instead of her scheduled mani/pedi but did rebook all her services.
I closed the store for my lunch break  (allowed by mall admin!) and used it to do my make-up, run a straightener through my hair, go to the bathroom, buy travel sized toothpaste, and grab a smoothie.


  1. So calm under the pressure! What a nightmare! How awful ... I feel like it was me.

    I hope the rest of the week made up for Monday and the training was fun.

  2. What a day!!! A Monday for sure. So I thought you had naturally curly hair that you straightened. How long does your perm have to grow out?

    So I hope you had a great, smooth flight. Happy Tuesday! At least, I hope it's happy.


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