Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Outfit

This Christmas was all about the tacky holiday sweater for me.
I made my own and will continue to embellish it year after year.  It will be glorious.
My passion for tacky Christmas apparel spread to my co-worker who was inspired to make a tacky Christmas dress! 
So, Christmas Eve we both wore our tacky get-ups to work.

Here we are in all our tackiness:

I had customers very tentatively say things like "wow, what a sweater..." and then they would look relieved and laugh when I told them it was supposed to be tacky.  A few people told me I would totally win an ugly Christmas sweater contest and one lady stopped my in the mall food court just to tell me how wonderful it was.  All in all, I think this sweater was a success!

Christmas morning I wore my tacky Christmas sweater with red flannel pj pants and then with jeans to the church service.
I plan to add more snowflakes to the sleeve for next year and also some candy canes.  I can't belive I don't have any candy canes!

Oh, and please, please steal this idea:  a Calvin & Hobbes Snowman sweater!  How fabulous would that be?!  I think I may have to expand my Christmas sweater collection.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Cheer

I'll be honest, working in retail during the holiday season is not all that fun sometimes.  Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get through it.  For me, it's dressing in ridiculous holiday outfits.  Today, for example, on the eve of Christmas Eve I wore my husband's tacky Christmas tie to work.  And rocked it, if I do say so myself ;)

 the close-up, behold the magnificance as FF would say...
well, let's face it, in this case she probably would not...
 Do you embrace tacky holiday clothing?  Do you shudder when you see others wearing it?
Well, just wait and see what I wear on Christmas Eve!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Oh the Holidays!
I'm up to my ears in baking, wrapping, cleaning....I don't know how mum's survive this holiday!

Here's a laugh from Helene...aka The Coop Keeper.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Fun

Tonight we had a little Christmas Party at home for the youth group we host.   Part of the fun was handing everyone marshmallows and various decorating items for them to make their own snowman.  Well, snow-creature would be more accurate.
These were mine.  Look, she's skiing!

This snowman riding an abominable snow cat of sorts won the prize!

The group's finished products!

Of course, it's not a party without a tacky Christmas sweater.  I started this one this afternoon.  I plan to add to it throughout the holiday season.  Any and all suggestions are welcomed!  
More glitter is on the way!

I saw this website the other day and it cracked me up!  
Check out their Sarah Palin sweater!

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays, whatever your beliefs.
Tell me, what traditions are your enjoying this time of year?  Are you starting any new ones?  Are you proudly wearing ugly clothing?  If so, I want pictures!

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Coma List. Part 1.

While blog surfing yesterday I discovered Bourbon & Pearls on the blog roll of Rich Life (on a budget).  The post I read brought up the idea of a coma in, the instructions to leave in the event you get hit by a bus and fall in to a was actually quite funny believe it or not.

It made me think about what I would want my loved ones to do if I were utterly incapacitated.

1. Pray: 'nuff said

2. Personal Grooming:  Keep my eyebrows tweezed, my lip hair bleached, my eyelashes tinted, my hair washed regularly and sometimes styled with a brightly coloured scarf. Oh, and leg and toe hair should be maintained as well...if even only on a monthly basis.

2. Stimulation:  Please play music continually, even while you are spending hours talking to me.  I understand music plays an incredible role in repairing the brain.... no modern crap please, keep it to the classics.  You know, like when artists actually wrote thoughtful and meaningful lyrics and then sang them without mindless one word repetitions and auto tuners....oh, except Cher, I love that "Believe" song!

3. Spend Hours Talking To Me:  read to me, tell me about your day, explain what the doctors are doing, tell me who wore what where.

4. Surveillance:  Please have cameras set up to monitor me and have someone on surveillance duty 24-7. I won't go into why I'm paranoid about my helpless, unresponsive body left in the hands of strangers in a busy hospital that allows admittance to anyone and everyone.  Just do it.

5. Fun:  Make up a really fantastical, super-dee-duper story of why I was in a coma in the first place.  Then, when I come to, tell me the story and the truth.  We'll see if I can guess the right one.

6. Children:  If I have young children at the time please make sure they draw me a picture every day.  Put their name and date and age on the back of each one.  Also, take photographs and videos of them - everyday.  Even the boring mundane stuff, especially the boring mundane stuff.  Make sure they know who the Beatles and Audrey Hepburn are.

that's it for now....

what's on your list?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beyonce Can Count

Well...maybe that's too generous.....

Boyz II Men can count (they even know Roman Numerals! We will discuss spelling another day)...

and Beyonce just made it more fun....

kinda like a little R&B Feist...

but with dash more Audrey... and who doesn't want more Audrey?!

sigh.  Audrey.

 Audrey Heburn How To Steal A Millon film

Beyonce in Countdown video

While I simply cannot muster the imagination required to picture Audrey Hepburn telling us ladies to "Grind up on it girl, show him how you ride it" or that she has a "boo boo rider" it's a fun video with a very 60s/Audrey Hepburn aesthetic.  I enjoy it.  (I like Feist as well, but she seems to have an issue counting forward...the number 7 is mysteriously omitted.)

There you go Beyonce -  I like one of your songs, even the video too.  Now you can sleep at night.

ps, You look nice in clothes; your boobs are more boobalicious in that black turtleneck than any of your usual plunging necklines.  Remember, we don't need to see you naked, or any state resembling naked...just your Boo does...I guess?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Sunday Morning

Today was an extra special day at church....not only was my dad speaking on his recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic, but my sister surprised us by showing up with her new baby, my nephew!  This marked J's first church service.  He was very well behaved and at break time he was definitely the most popular guy in the room!
my sis, J, and Deb

he loves his mama!

ok, is this not the funniest picture ever?!  Look at Deb and J's face!

This is me introducing my father-in-law to my 5 week old nephew.  My father-in-law is the pastor of our church and he thought J's first church service was a special occasion!  I agree.

Yesterday hubby and I visited with my sis and her family for lunch.  We brought over pizza and garlic fingers while sis provided salad and dessert!  It was a nice visit and, of course, pictures were taken.

mother and son

those eyes!

Sis's dog... so cute!

Sis says when he gets sleepy he covers his eyes.  He always kind of rubs his eyes and constantly moves his little fingers.  She said the other day she was talking to him while he was laying in his little rocker and he put his hands up and covered his ears!  I think he's going to have a spunky personality just like his mother - that said, he is remarkable quiet and content.  He smiles in his sleep.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dressing for The Donald

Last month I was asked to do makeup for Donald Trump.  Yes, THE Donald Trump.  He came to my city, along with Rudy Giuliani and Danny Williams for a speaking engagement called SPARK.  I was hired to be on hand should any of the men need a touch up before going on stage.   

I was a little nervous and a little excited and very unsure about what to wear.  I knew I would be backstage the whole time, I knew I had a be comfortable and professional looking, and I knew that even if I wore the most expensive thing I owned it would not compare to anything The Donald considered quality.  So, I went with the idea that fit and style should be the most important element and decided on this little black dress.

This particular dress is actually from the maternity section of Walmart.  Go figure.
I paired it with black panty hose and knee high patent leather boots by Franco Sarto.

I needed the confidence boost that only a heel can give, if even just a kitten heel.

I was given an all access pass and taken to the back stage area.  Our green room was right beside Donald's dressing room. 
me and my all access pass

our green room

I got a sneak peak inside the dressing room before Donald arrived.  Not as fancy as I expected, but what does one really do to fancy up a men's locker room at a sports arena?  They had brought in leather couches, cold drinks and food.

 Donald was the last speaker and didn't even arrive in the building until about 15 minutes before he was due on stage.  Time is money and it would seem he has none to spare!

None of the men required my services and I had to go to work before I had the chance to meet any of them. But, it was cool to be a fly on the wall and I did get to hear everyone speak.  One of the backstage volunteers said the Donald's security guard pulled out a bronzer compact right before Donald walked out and handed it to him.  He bronzed himself, sprayed his hair, and went on stage.  
Lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Have you seen this yet? I just got a new scarf (shhhhh...hubby doesn't read the blog) and I'm excited to try some of these looks.  I think The Bunny Ear is my new favourite....and maybe The Magic Trick...

after I watched this video I clicked the link to her blog where she explains how she and her hubby made the video...soo much effort and worth every bit of it.  I think this is one of the most well done video tutorials I've ever seen. other scarf news have you seen this DIY tshirt scarf tutorial yet?!

Aren't these scarves super cute and the best part sewing!  You can just tie them in a knot, use a broach or even....a hair elastic with a fancy do-dad on it.

Happy Scarving Peeps!  Stay warm....winter is a coming

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Joy in the form of a lamb named Bea

I was watching America's Funniest Home Videos with my husband tonight for some much needed levity and we saw this video...and LOST IT.  I'm telling you, it must be because I was stressed this week, but I laughed so hard I cried and couldn't even get words out.  Hubby giggled like a girl.

This is my official request: Santa, I want a lamb for Christmas.

Hubby says no to the lamb (so far....but I'm working on it) but said yes to the Slow Loris.
What is a 'slow loris' you ask?  I'm not quite sure yet myself, but it is freakishly cute and I'll take what I can get.  If it's covered in fur then I want it.

Now I'm off to investigate the acquisition of a slow loris....  Carmel, do they have these things in your neck of the woods?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hair Trauma...not on my watch!

I just read Lisa's post on Privilege about the scary world of hair updos.  I felt I needed to do my part and try to help. Without hesitating I grabbed my camera and made a video the end of the day...sans gentle.

Lisa, I hope this helps!

One of my favourite brands of hair accessories is Goody.  Their products can be found in any drugstore and are relatively inexpensive while maintaining great quality and style.  I usually look for hair clips that match my hair - I believe clips and bobby pins are like underwear:  they should hold things up, but not be noticeable. But, for some occasions hair accessories can make a statement.  For dressy or 'fun' outfits I'm all about metallic, sparkle, and colour!  

These are clips that I'd recommend for everyday:

These headbands are great if you like something sleek and subtle.  I can wear them all day at work and they don't hurt behind my ears!
Goody site

If you just can't do headbands, try a scarf in a flattering colour.  It will brighten up your face and keep your hair out of your face...with no pain
For a girl who can rock a scarf like no body's business check out Aesthetic Alterations
She has a collection of Hermes scarves that is drool-worthy and always wears them in interesting ways.
If you are a scarf person, do yourself a favour and visit her blog.

Well Lisa, and everyone else to whom this is relevant, I hope this helped.  Or, maybe just inspired you to wear your hair differently tomorrow.  Get out that headband, clip, or scarf....but please, leave the scrunchie at home.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Deer, Coyotes, and Bears...Oh My!

So, a challenge has been put forth for me to get some pictures of local bears for my blog.  Challenge accepted Deb.  And, completed.

I friend of mine has a trail cam set up at his deer blind about 15 - 20 mins away from my house.  Here are the bears and a few other critters.  Note the date and time stamps on the bottom right of each photo.

avert your eyes, it's a bear bum!

bear on the move!

Big bear!

deer at the apple bait

coyote smelling deer...

Now, the mutant deer.  I hope this makes you laugh as much as it did me!
My friend's theory is that this is a deer with too much testosterone .
Whatever the case, it's hilarious!

it looks like it's screaming right at the camera!  
I showed this picture to a girl friend and she said "he'd better not shoot that one, it looks like it would come back and haunt him!"

Friday, October 21, 2011

late night hair decisions

the other night i decided it was time to refresh my bangs...myself.  
I've had long side bangs for a while and they drive me nuts.  A few months ago I asked hubby if he liked my bangs 'as is' or if I should cut them.  He said I should leave them, so I did.  I had my hairdresser freshen them with a tiny trim at my last hair appointment.  Well, I'm over it.  I am oily and when I wear my bangs down they just get all stringy and they are constantly in my eyes so I've been keeping them pinned up or hairsprayed back.

Wednesday night, around 11pm I took matters into my own hands and went to google 'bangs for square face" and the like.  This picture of Amanda Peet showed up. 
There, those are the bangs I want!

Not quite "wall of bangs" a la Sandra Bullock's at the 2011 Golden Globes, but definitely not just a long swoopy layer of hair either.

So, here is an unofficial before picture....
notice my bangs are pinned back (as per norm) and my hair is wavy 

and this is me after I went into the bathroom around 11:15pm with scissors and gave it a go
we're totally twins, right?!
I consider it a success.  
I'm happy with how they came out.  No tears & no emergency trip to the hairdresser before work the next morning.  Yay new bangs!

Any hair issues in your life recently?  Do tell.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

yummy & easy = my kind of baking

After my delicious supper of Kraft Dinner tonight, I remembered a recipe I saw earlier in the week and decided to whip it up as dessert.

They look messy and are a little sticky, but to me that's just more proof of their perfection!

You will need:
ready-to-bake biscuits (I used Pillsbury) Or, by all means, bake your own recipe.
1 table spoon of lemon juice
icing sugar (didn't measure...maybe start with 1/4 cup?)
raspberry jam
(parchment paper is your friend)

that's it!

while you are preheating your oven to the temperature specified on the biscuit directions...
arrange biscuits on baking sheet (put down parchment paper first if you have any).
mix lemon juice and icing sugar together. 
 Slowly add icing sugar and keep stirring until you get a 'glaze' consistency.
Spoon glaze over the the biscuits.
Spoon a dollop of raspberry jam on the biscuits.
bake for time specified on the biscuit directions*

*might need an extra minute or two to really cook through, but be careful that the bottoms don't burn on account of all that sugary glaze seeping underneath them.

Let cool and enjoy!


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