Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trimming the Tree with Rachel Zoe & Faux Fuchsia...kind of...

My dad decided to have a good old fashioned tree trimming party.  So today hubby and I, my sis and her hubby all decorated mum and dad's tree with them.
Organized Chaos...sure thing.

We arrived to Dad putting Christmas lights up on the barn.
We are hoping this doesn't care the poor horse to death.  She's a little nervous.

The Tree.  Not prelit.  I'm not saying anyone's cheap.

Dad and hubby trying to figure out why half the strand of lights doesn't work...
they gave up and put a different strand of lights on the tree.

my sis with, what I think, is the best Rachel Zoe smile I've ever seen.
I think reindeer antlers would change Rachel Zoe's life.

I digress.

Mum & Dad trimming their tree.
Well, actually dad is just rearranging already placed ornaments.  He's a little ornament OCD.

Hubby and sis

mum needed hubby to place the high ones.  He's the only one who could reach.  
I married him strategically, being only 5'2" I needed someone tall to do all the reaching and dusting of high places.

placing the peacock.  She can actually smile like a normal person, she was just making fun of my constant picture taking.

mum finding the perfect spot.

they have quite a collection of bird ornaments.  I love them!

our helpers!
Behold the Magnificence 

lemme 'splain.  
Trying to get a nice picture of mum is not an easy task.  She always looks mad, it's the same problem her mum had.  The funny thing is, she's never mad, she's always laughing or moving or talking.

This was my favourite!

Me doing some serious tree gazing a la Faux Fuchsia

She finds it very soothing.

I must say I agree.

Do you stop and behold the magnificence of your tree?


  1. That photo of your mum looks like she's just about to reach out with both hands and place them around your neck!

    One word about the tree - SPECTACULAR!

    You're my favourite Canadian family.

  2. You are stealing all my blog fodder. Stop it!

  3. I love your mum's tree! You all did an amazing job decorating it with her lovely ornaments. Best tree I've seen in a long time!!!

    Very cute pictures too.


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