Saturday, December 18, 2010


Sometimes I get very tired of working in the retail world.
I'm sure I do not need to explain why.
But then, somedays, I love my job.  I see favourite customers, fun new products come out,  my boss is extra lovely (like today she brought me a jar of her home-made grape jelly!)
Also, I like coming home to this:
who wouldn't love to get mail from CHANEL?!

And Christmas when you work for CHANEL is fun too!
(shout out to my rep: you rock! I love everything in here!)


working in the 'fashion industry' I get to wear crazy feather hat whatsies!

Today I channelled Will's gal Kate Middleton with my black feather fascinator.

see, we're practically twins!

While walking through the drugstore on my break I heard a little girl exclaim "Mom, look at her!".  I suppose people in North America are not used to such European fashions...or looking like a muppet is on ones head...either way, I thought it was funny. 

What do you love/hate about your job?
Would you wear feathers in some capacity?


  1. Love the look of your parcel. I can almost see the resemblance to Kate you feather brain!!!

  2. I wish I had a job.

    I love your get-up and pinkish-red lipstick! I could imagine wearing Chanel would be quite lush. I do use Chanel perfume when I could be bothered ... otherwise I stink.

    You're a wonderful testament to your mother (and father, but I heard he brings poopsie ponies into the pantry).

  3. Your feathers are cute! I'm not sure I could pull off wearing a bird on the side of head though. Truth is I'm not real great with my hair. I can wear it naturally messy or I can straighten it, but as for doo-dads in my hair, I can't get them right. I like them though.


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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