Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh What A Night

Last Saturday night was my work Christmas Party.
Every year we look forward to when our boss treats us to the holiday buffet at a local hotel.

We like to get all gussied up and have a good time.

This year we got all gussied up, ate all the yummy food and delicious sweets, and then got sick!
This photo was taken appox 1minute before I puked.
I'm on the far right...notice that I'm leaning on the table.  I was about to pass-out!
And there was no way I was opening my mouth for a big smile.

After the waiter put down the camera I bee-lined for the bathroom and barely made it to the stall before being sick!
And I swear I didn't stuff myself sick!

 My boss was sick all night and one co-worker had an unsettled stomach the next day, the other two were fine.  
Merry Christmas?


  1. Well, now we know you're not preggers!

  2. When I visit your mother I'll tell you my own being sick in public story. Humiliating really.

    I like you post labels, too, by the way.

  3. Hope you're feeling better! You looked lovely for a sicky. ;-)

  4. MMC: I'm all about the post labels. Can't wait to hear your story, will you be kayaking to Canada, as per google maps instructions?

    FringeGirl: I am feeling better, thanks. Actually, as soon as I threw up I felt great. We've all discussed what we ate and think maybe the vegetarian goat cheese pasta was not our friend.


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