Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Festivities

 Greetings from me and the pets of my family.

Don't you think the paradoxal polish compliments Emma's fur nicely?

In the foreground is my mum's dog Sophie.  As you can see, she loves the antlers.
In the background is my sister's dog Bmer.

There was a little appliance theme going this year with my family's gifts...but for some reason it didn't apply to me...
Dad got a snazzy coffee machine from mum

My sis got a Kitchen Aid mixer from mum & dad.

And then mum handed me a little box and said "this is your kitchen aid"
they know me so well.

It's a sterling silver cuff with red coral.

now, to give me some credit, I can bake up a storm (sans mixer):

but given the choice between a kitchen appliance and jewellery....I'll take jewellery every time.

the neighbour's cat would like to wish you the joys of the season.


  1. Oh! That silver cuff is something quite divine!

    Your parents obviously have buckets and lashings of good taste ... even the Kitchen Aid is a thing of beauty.

    Though I need to get someone to do a police identi-kit equivalent for your dogs ... some of them look too similar to me, and if it came down to a line-up, I'd probably point accusingly to the wrong dog.

    I think it's clever how you can bake those potato chips and put them in plastic bags like that! Inspired!

    I need to get away from this computer now.

  2. yes, the chip baking is no easy task. I'm so glad you noticed.
    Mum will have to do a proper post on the animals of her abode. Permanent residents and borders.

  3. I was wondering how you made those chips too. Sis is not going to like her photo out there!

  4. Your cuff is gorgeous! Looks like your mum knows her girls very well; however, it does look as though you bake the best chips this side of Frito Lay. ;-)

    Glad you enjoyed your Christmas.


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