Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Blooper Reel

So I, in my infinite wisdom, decided that hubby and I should include a picture of us in the holiday cards I sent out to my family.  This is the first year I'm sending cards to my dad's side of the family, and I thought it would be a good idea because we're not very good at getting together and I'm sure no one even knows what my husband looks like.

Being on a budget we decided to just do the pics ourselves.  We bought a new ink cartridge (not budget friendly!) and set up my camera with the self-timer on a tri pod.  
Living in a small apartment we realized that we had no decent backdrop for a nice holiday photo... so we set up camp at hubby's brother's house next door.  See those stockings? Not mine!  See the tree, actually, it's not even theirs!  They were storing some things for friends who are moving, so my sis-in-law decided to set up their pre-lit fake rather then getting a real tree of her own.  Something borrowed, something green....whatevs.
The following are the bloopers.

this was the first test.

 second test...I have no explanation

Whoops!  And it would've been a nice picture too!

Merry Christmas from us, our family, and their friends!



  1. How cute! I am laughing so hard! Still love your post labels.

  2. Lovely. I hope I'm getting one. Don't turn into your mother. She's crazy.

  3. I'm glad you appreciate my labels MMMC, I always appreciate them on other blogs.
    Yes mumsy, you may have one....would you like Crazy Eyes or Super Crazy Eyes. Also, not featured was Me Blinking. CHoices, choices...

  4. Those pictures are great! What a backdrop. Seriously, that house is picture perfect. ;-)

    Merry Christmas!


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