Friday, November 19, 2010

Today was a good hair day
and good lip day (thank you Chanel lip liner #24 Rouge)

I had to get ready at the gym before work, ugh.  That was at 10am and this pic was taken around 9pm, so it held up pretty well, but had more bounce and curl earlier.

I bought myself a present (not as a reward for having a good hair day):

Behold the Magnificance is the only appropriate phrase, thank you FF.

action shot:
They go over the knee!
Hubby calls them 'pirate boots' but they don't fold over.  Silly boy.

They were not cheap, but they were on sale...
...and came with a free gift:
A great little day planner for 2011, which, true story, is just like the one I currently have for 2010 and just this week as I was thinking that I need a new one for my work schedule!  
See, meant to be.

I plan to wear them every day of my life from now on.

**post-publish addition**

Back view for Charming's Mama.  Inquiring minds want to know.
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  1. Wear them in happiness my dear! I need to see an over the knee shot though.

  2. Cute boots, but doesn't them being over the knee make it uncomfortable when walking?

  3. @ Charming's Mama: Actually no! There is a gap in the leather so that your knee can bend properly, otherwise I'd never be able to sit! I actually thought of that after I bought them and rushed to sit down to make sure I could! Crisis averted!

  4. I LOVE them!!! So stinkin stylish. They're awesome.


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