Saturday, November 20, 2010

PSA: The world is ending

Just thought I'd let you know that I believe the end is near.  Consider yourself warned.
My sister, whose catch phrase could easily be "Don't touch me!" actually let me do not only her make-up, but also her hair...with heat styling tools and product!!!!
You really don't understand.  Pigs are flying somewhere.

The last time I was allowed to do her make-up was her wedding, last year.

I really think she hated every minute of it, but she like the finished look.

Her office Holiday party was tonight and the location was the hotel adjacent to the store where I work.  Months ago she booked the appointment with me to make sure I could do her make-up.  It's pretty much the one time a year that I'm allowed to do it, but the hair was a big surprise.  She's a wash and go girl and I am not.  I'm always offering, suggesting, asking, begging her to let me do something, anything with it.

A few years ago she shaved her head to raise money for a charity and it's been in the awkward growing out stage ever since.

Of the very few times I've been able to guilt her into doing something "sister-y and girly" I've never been allowed to use any kind of product or heat styling tool on her hair.  I consider today a victory.  I used a curling iron, volumizing powder, hairspray and I teased it a little too!

She said she decided she wanted her co-workers to see her at her best since she never dresses up for work...or even blowdries her hair.
I think she cleans up real nice!
my directives were:  dramatic, lady gaga but no weird shapes over my eyes, I want people to say wow.

excuse the poor lighting, it really shadows her eyes, but you get the gist.

I love play time with my sis!


  1. She's only been married one year. All that girly time must have made you forgetful!

  2. You girls really look a lot alike! Beautiful. I wish I could make an appointment for you to do my hair and makeup. What fun!



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