Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My visit with Fran, the nice foot lady AND a Tippi Hedren update.

As first noted here, I have been suffering from major foot discomfort and emotional trauma.  I hadn't realized how much of my idenity I had tied up in my footwear until I had to wear the same pair of scuffed, flat shoes to work every.single.day.  I used to like them....now I just see prison.

I'm a little ashamed about how low my self-esteem dipped when I couldn't complete a cute or fun or sexy outfit with equally cute or fun or sexy shoes.  I work in the fashion industry and put a lot of importance on the image I put forward at work (at home I don't wear make-up, live in yoga pants, and barely wash my hair).  It's amazing how short and frumpy I felt when I couldn't wear my sleek pointed toe boots with tights and a black dress, or black pointy sling-backs with a pencil skirt...and my shoes aren't even that high!  I own almost exclusively Sabrina heels (kitten heels) that are like 1 - 11/2 inches.

I commited to the foot cause by applying corn remover pads frequently, not wearing socks or panty-hose, only wearing flat, round-toe shoes to work and wearing my slippers to church!  My baby toes were still swollen, red, and sore.  My boss told me to go to a podiatrist and was convinced I had corns with a subcutaneous infection.  I made the appointment ($60!!).  Then I started using this:

The redness and pain diminished greatly, but I still needed help.  I found out about a foot care clinic going on at a local drugstore so I decided to book that (only $35) and cancel the podiatrist.

I arrived about 15 minutes early and was able to go right in.  Fran was lovely and all set up for a plethora of foot ailments.  She presented me with my very own "We Care Home Care" magnet and "Solutions" magazine...which she told me I could give to my mother as I probably wouldn't be very interested.
Au contraire dear Fran, I had no idea falls counted as half of all injuries reported by the elderly and 20% of those will die as a result of hip fracture!
as one little quip on page 18 points out " If you can't fix it with duct tape, you haven't used enough".  I suppose that can't be applied to the hip fracture victims...

I digress...
Fran mostly deals with seniors who can't easily take care of their own feet.  She was very helpful and gave me some moleskin padding to use to prevent further fricton damage.  She said it's not a corn, but it's definitely sensitive  &I still need to wear wide shoes.  She also said "I see you're working on a bunion there".  *Sigh*
Toe padded and bunion in progress.

Maybe I should just change careers...I need a job where I can sit, clearly standing is too much for my delicate self.

Changing gears...
Did you know Tippi Hedren is lending her voice to Iams Dog food 'Home 4 The Holidays" commercials? Admit it, did you know Tippi Hedren was still alive?  Until Jan 4th Iams is donating meals to animals in participating shelters.  "Like" this on facebook and help the cause with more donations.  See the full scoop here.


  1. Poor you! Thanks Fran for the book.

  2. Sorry about your feet. That must be a bummer! Glad you found someone to help you. I've gotten so used to flip-flops that I dread winter and closed shoes. It's really quite pathetic. I found a pair of wide, ugly shoes that I wear every day. Sometimes I'll throw on my heeled boots or a pair of nice shoes, but they never last long. I must be getting old!


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