Monday, November 8, 2010

holiday cheer

It's been raining for daaaayyyyyyyssss!
It's so dreary and dark.
I'd rather have snow (yes, I said it).  We just got 4 new winter tires put on the car so we're ready!
this was my yard last winter during a storm

I'm starting to get into the holiday spirit (even with all the rain) I want a tree of my own this year.  I haven't had a tree in my own dwelling place since 2002.  I keep living in small places!  For the last 3 years of married life hubby and I celebrated our Christmases with our in-laws.  We live in the granny-suite of my hubby's brother's house (which is the house they grew up in) so we always go over there first thing and all the presents are under their tree.  
If I had my own tree this year I would choose a white artificial (hey, if it's gonna be artificial, it might as well be unrealistic).  Then I'd either go with a black and white/silver theme, or purple and gold...either way feathers would be involved.

Something like this would be ideal because there's enough space between the branches for ornaments to hang...and room to stuff in feather boas and froufy things.

This year I think I'll try to find a fabulous wreath for my door instead.  Maybe that will tie me over for another year.

my front door is white, so something with colour, like this, would be nice.

I'm about half-way done my Christmas shopping already.  I love shopping for people; I tend to pick things up all year long.  And, I love wrapping presents.  I'm struggling with the environmental implications of wrapping.  My husband has literally handed people presents in the bag they came in from the store, with the person's name written on it in marker and while yes, that is probably less wasteful, I can't do it.  I'm significantly cutting my ribbon usage though and, as usual,  reusing gift bags from previous years.

What are your holiday traditions?  What kind of tree to you have?  What kind of decorating do you do?


  1. I gave you a teeny tiny white tree, remember? You can trim mine this year!

  2. I have a little tree, like a table top, but I've been saying all year long that this IS the year I am buying a new tree. A BIG one! I Love Christmas and I love decorating for Christmas. Everything is so happy and bright. I wanted a white tree too, but my husband and I go head to head on this one. One day I'll get my white tree! ;-) Last year I saw a giant, flocked tree at hardware store of all places. It was the prettiest tree I've ever seen. I'm not even dramatizing that. I think I need to go check to see if they have it this year!

    Happy decorating!

  3. You go FringeGirl, this is your year!
    Hopefully that hardware store has the tree again, if not, ebay is wonderful :)
    I'm always surprised at hardware stores. One of my favourite pairs of earrings are a pair that my dad gave me, and he got them at Home Hardware. How bizzare is that?!


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