Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blue Christmas

I have a fondness for white Christmas trees and last year my mum gave me a miniature one.

Last night I decided to get it out an decorate it.
I bought little disco balls and a feather boa at the dollar store earlier in the day, with the expressed purpose of using them on the tree.

Behold the Magnificence:

I think it's cute.  I love how the feathers fill in the sparseness of the branches.

Hubby calls it 'an abomination'.
It is now sitting atop his computer tower, which sits atop his computer desk.  That way it can put him in the Christmas spirit every time he looks at it, and it's right by the front door so it also greets visitors coming in.

The next challenge is to find a little white or silver topper for it.

Do you go by a colour or a theme when you decorate for the Holidays?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

PSA: The world is ending

Just thought I'd let you know that I believe the end is near.  Consider yourself warned.
My sister, whose catch phrase could easily be "Don't touch me!" actually let me do not only her make-up, but also her hair...with heat styling tools and product!!!!
You really don't understand.  Pigs are flying somewhere.

The last time I was allowed to do her make-up was her wedding, last year.

I really think she hated every minute of it, but she like the finished look.

Her office Holiday party was tonight and the location was the hotel adjacent to the store where I work.  Months ago she booked the appointment with me to make sure I could do her make-up.  It's pretty much the one time a year that I'm allowed to do it, but the hair was a big surprise.  She's a wash and go girl and I am not.  I'm always offering, suggesting, asking, begging her to let me do something, anything with it.

A few years ago she shaved her head to raise money for a charity and it's been in the awkward growing out stage ever since.

Of the very few times I've been able to guilt her into doing something "sister-y and girly" I've never been allowed to use any kind of product or heat styling tool on her hair.  I consider today a victory.  I used a curling iron, volumizing powder, hairspray and I teased it a little too!

She said she decided she wanted her co-workers to see her at her best since she never dresses up for work...or even blowdries her hair.
I think she cleans up real nice!
my directives were:  dramatic, lady gaga but no weird shapes over my eyes, I want people to say wow.

excuse the poor lighting, it really shadows her eyes, but you get the gist.

I love play time with my sis!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Today was a good hair day
and good lip day (thank you Chanel lip liner #24 Rouge)

I had to get ready at the gym before work, ugh.  That was at 10am and this pic was taken around 9pm, so it held up pretty well, but had more bounce and curl earlier.

I bought myself a present (not as a reward for having a good hair day):

Behold the Magnificance is the only appropriate phrase, thank you FF.

action shot:
They go over the knee!
Hubby calls them 'pirate boots' but they don't fold over.  Silly boy.

They were not cheap, but they were on sale...
...and came with a free gift:
A great little day planner for 2011, which, true story, is just like the one I currently have for 2010 and just this week as I was thinking that I need a new one for my work schedule!  
See, meant to be.

I plan to wear them every day of my life from now on.

**post-publish addition**

Back view for Charming's Mama.  Inquiring minds want to know.
(see comments)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Food for thought

Check this out:  This post is the best thing I have read on the internet to date.  Not best blog post, but best anything.  Check it out and God bless.
Thanks to FringeGirl, the writer, for being honest and open and sharing.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

being crafty

the sewing mood struck me today.
made some make-up bags



This fabric was left over from a winter coat my dad made for me when I was a kid.  I came across it today and was inspired to create a wrapy/capey thing.  What do you think? 

 I think it matches the new hat I just got perfectly!  

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Across the universe

As the great FF would say "the universe directed me to bake today.  I do what I'm told."
I made, from scratch, rolls.  This was a first for me.
I called my mum and got her recipe, then she and my dad ended up coming over because dad wanted his hair cut.
dad's hair

While I cut hair the dough finished rising and my mum, bless her heart, rolled the rolls.
didn't she do a lovely job?!

all done; behold the magnificence 

Next project was Shepherd's pie.  This is something else I had never made, but I needed something for supper and knew I had all the ingredients...okay I admit, I stole corn and some potatos from the neighbours...
I turned out quite well actually, if I do say so myself, and we shared with the neighbours.

Then, supper in belly, tv watched, I realized I had neglected actioning dessert and a sweets craving overtook me. So, I compelled hubby to make some chocolate chip cookies.  He did all the mixing and cleaning, and I did the forming and ovening.
Is there anything better than chocolate chip cookies, warm out of the oven, with a husband washing the bowl? No.

It was a tres domestic day, and it was lovely.  I already feel better knowing that we have left-overs to take in our lunches less meal to think about is a good thing.

Monday, November 8, 2010

holiday cheer

It's been raining for daaaayyyyyyyssss!
It's so dreary and dark.
I'd rather have snow (yes, I said it).  We just got 4 new winter tires put on the car so we're ready!
this was my yard last winter during a storm

I'm starting to get into the holiday spirit (even with all the rain) I want a tree of my own this year.  I haven't had a tree in my own dwelling place since 2002.  I keep living in small places!  For the last 3 years of married life hubby and I celebrated our Christmases with our in-laws.  We live in the granny-suite of my hubby's brother's house (which is the house they grew up in) so we always go over there first thing and all the presents are under their tree.  
If I had my own tree this year I would choose a white artificial (hey, if it's gonna be artificial, it might as well be unrealistic).  Then I'd either go with a black and white/silver theme, or purple and gold...either way feathers would be involved.

Something like this would be ideal because there's enough space between the branches for ornaments to hang...and room to stuff in feather boas and froufy things.

This year I think I'll try to find a fabulous wreath for my door instead.  Maybe that will tie me over for another year.

my front door is white, so something with colour, like this, would be nice.

I'm about half-way done my Christmas shopping already.  I love shopping for people; I tend to pick things up all year long.  And, I love wrapping presents.  I'm struggling with the environmental implications of wrapping.  My husband has literally handed people presents in the bag they came in from the store, with the person's name written on it in marker and while yes, that is probably less wasteful, I can't do it.  I'm significantly cutting my ribbon usage though and, as usual,  reusing gift bags from previous years.

What are your holiday traditions?  What kind of tree to you have?  What kind of decorating do you do?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's getting better man

yesterday was not pretty.
neither was this morning.
my head was not a fun place to bed.
you know that theatre term 'pathetic fallacy', when nature mimics the emotional reality going on.   Like in the end of Romeo & Juliet there's the line to the effect of "and the sun, for its sorrow wouldn't not show its head".
It's been rainy and windy and horrible here the last few days weather wise and in my brain.

The rain is cleaning though, except gag me, I'm practically quoting that sappy song "I can see clearly now."

I'm one of those people that spirals downward easily, one thing goes bad and I dwell and can only think about everything that's going wrong and get miserable.  And I haven't been sleeping well.  As my hubby says, I get "squirely" when I don't get enough sleep.
Anyway, I've moved on.  I'm going to bed.  I'm going to be well rested.  I get to set the clock back an hour, that's a whole extra hour to sleep.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My visit with Fran, the nice foot lady AND a Tippi Hedren update.

As first noted here, I have been suffering from major foot discomfort and emotional trauma.  I hadn't realized how much of my idenity I had tied up in my footwear until I had to wear the same pair of scuffed, flat shoes to work  I used to like I just see prison.

I'm a little ashamed about how low my self-esteem dipped when I couldn't complete a cute or fun or sexy outfit with equally cute or fun or sexy shoes.  I work in the fashion industry and put a lot of importance on the image I put forward at work (at home I don't wear make-up, live in yoga pants, and barely wash my hair).  It's amazing how short and frumpy I felt when I couldn't wear my sleek pointed toe boots with tights and a black dress, or black pointy sling-backs with a pencil skirt...and my shoes aren't even that high!  I own almost exclusively Sabrina heels (kitten heels) that are like 1 - 11/2 inches.

I commited to the foot cause by applying corn remover pads frequently, not wearing socks or panty-hose, only wearing flat, round-toe shoes to work and wearing my slippers to church!  My baby toes were still swollen, red, and sore.  My boss told me to go to a podiatrist and was convinced I had corns with a subcutaneous infection.  I made the appointment ($60!!).  Then I started using this:

The redness and pain diminished greatly, but I still needed help.  I found out about a foot care clinic going on at a local drugstore so I decided to book that (only $35) and cancel the podiatrist.

I arrived about 15 minutes early and was able to go right in.  Fran was lovely and all set up for a plethora of foot ailments.  She presented me with my very own "We Care Home Care" magnet and "Solutions" magazine...which she told me I could give to my mother as I probably wouldn't be very interested.
Au contraire dear Fran, I had no idea falls counted as half of all injuries reported by the elderly and 20% of those will die as a result of hip fracture!
as one little quip on page 18 points out " If you can't fix it with duct tape, you haven't used enough".  I suppose that can't be applied to the hip fracture victims...

I digress...
Fran mostly deals with seniors who can't easily take care of their own feet.  She was very helpful and gave me some moleskin padding to use to prevent further fricton damage.  She said it's not a corn, but it's definitely sensitive  &I still need to wear wide shoes.  She also said "I see you're working on a bunion there".  *Sigh*
Toe padded and bunion in progress.

Maybe I should just change careers...I need a job where I can sit, clearly standing is too much for my delicate self.

Changing gears...
Did you know Tippi Hedren is lending her voice to Iams Dog food 'Home 4 The Holidays" commercials? Admit it, did you know Tippi Hedren was still alive?  Until Jan 4th Iams is donating meals to animals in participating shelters.  "Like" this on facebook and help the cause with more donations.  See the full scoop here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

She's got diamonds on the back of her tights

...close enough, you know what I mean...
...if you don't please google Simon & Garfunkle immediately and join the rest of the human race :)

I found some fabulous tights at Winners when hubby & I took a little mid-week vacation last week.

see front view on my photo blog
They just make me happy.  It's the small things really.  
I'm comming down with a bad sinus cold, so I needed some motivation to get out of bed.  What better motivation than brand new tights WITH SPARKLES!  I also wore a new jacket that I got 80% off. 

I'm in trouble now though because I've got nothing to get me through tomorrow...I'm off Wednesday, I just need to get through Tuesday to recoup, I should have rationed the new clothes... so foolish am I.


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