Monday, October 25, 2010

pink pumpkin lady

At work today a lady from another store in the mall called me with a very strange request.
She had a little pumpkin that she wanted me to draw a pink lady face on.  I asked her if she had paint or markers and she replied with "well, I thought you could use nail polish".  sure, why not.
So her husband brought me down a pumpkin and I got to work.
I drew eyes and lips on with Chanel lip pencil #25 Pink Sugar.
Then I painted her in with a few different Chanel and OPI polishes. 
The white polish is an OPI that glows in the dark!

And here she is all finished and happy to be in her new home.

Probably the weirdest, but definitely one of the most fun make-up requests I've had in a while.


  1. You should show this to Blighty and FF! Very cute.

  2. That's SO cute! I must show my daughter. She'll love it, and probably want to make one too.

  3. Totally cute, I hope she liked her pumpkin.


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