Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm so glad it's Wednesday night already.
I've had a long week.
It was good, I'm not complaining, I'm just tired and can't wait until I can sleep in on Saturday.

Sunday was the 40th Anniversary Party for hubby's parents.

Monday was hubby's birthday

 AND Thanksgiving. 

I spent half the day helping a friend glue pew markers and wedding favours together for her neice and the other half cooking and eating!

Tuesday...was yesterday

Today I worked all day and then got groceries and enjoyed being able to still eat left-overs from the anniversary party and thanksgiving.  Also, still typing my father-in-law's book.  It's interesting and I'm happy to help him, but it takes a long time and my back always starts to ache from sitting at the computer for so long.  I can't find a comfortable way to read from his manuscript and type it in the computer.  The goal is to get this done by Christmas.

I'm still waiting for my latest eBay purchase!  I have another hair piece on the way!  I'm getting very impatient.  So is the seller, I got an eBay message from him/her today asking my if I could please leave feedback so they could close the item, and I had to reply that I would love to receive feedback, but I need the item first!  Maybe because Monday was a holiday here things got held up? 

Also today, read the new post from Hyperbole and a Half and laughed so hard I cried.  If you need a laugh, have a look.

Tomorrow's Thursday...stay tuned and see if I got my butt to the gym...I've been seriously slacking lately and I seriously need to lose some pounds...ugh. 
Almost Friday, we can make it people!  I know we can!


  1. Sorry for the bad week. At least you have food!

  2. Not bad, just long.
    Did you click on that link and read hyperbole and a half's latest post?? You should!


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