Friday, September 24, 2010

updates and jazz

This has been the longest week ever! 
And it's not over yet!  Still have to work all day Saturday, youth group Saturday night at my house, and sing with youth worship team Sunday morning...I'm exhausted already.

Work is slow.  

I'm constantly tired.  

I've eaten almost two batches of chocolate chip cookies.

But I did go to Zumba and the gym for a workout...still sore, but I have to do something to make up for all those cookies.

Now, to end the complainfest I have a lovely story.
Last night I was watching tv on the couch with my hubby and stretched my feet out to which he groaned because they smelled really bad.  I had worn pantyhose all day at work, they were a little pungent.  He kept batting them off the couch until I suggest that he wash them for me if they offend him so...and he did!  What a dear.
We didn't have any basin or anything, and I wanted to stay on the couch and continue watching "Divine Design" so I emptied my craft supply rubbermaid bin into my work bag and hubby filled it with soapy water, brought it over on a towel, exfoliated my feet with a scrub (needs to learn to be a little less aggressive but that will come with practice) and finished by toweling them dry and applying a Gehwol cream specifically for odor.
Twas lovely...the highlight of my week really.

Now I'm off to bed!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Well, aren't you the pampered beauty! (lucky)

  2. You have a VERY good husband. Keep him.



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