Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh What A Feeling...

...scraping off the ceiling.

My bathroom ceiling is atrocious!

I have decided to tackle scraping and repainting it.

Mum lent me her trusty scraper!

I'm sharing so that I have someone/everyone to be accountable to.  Stay tuned for the 'after' pics of my newly painted ceiling.

And, while I'm on the subject of bathrooms....mine is quite small.
Postage stamp size.  It's fine for the two of us, but I'm a make-up artist and a pack-rat....I crave lots of space and storage in a bathroom.
I am standing in the doorway to take this picture.
not much extra room.
(Yes, we have a coca-cola themed bathroom. No, we are not university students. Deal.)

So, when one has a small space and limited storage, one has to consider how and what to buy.  One can't buy useful items in bulk because there is no place to put the bulk!  One can't take advantage of those great deals and bargains...unless it's my hubby.
He's very particular about toilet paper being of a certain quality.  So, when his ultra-super-soft-cashmere-velvet-whatever toilet paper went on sale he took advantage.

Where did I put 30 double rolls of toilet paper (that equal 50 as they claim)?!?  Well, for a while this giant pack just sat in our living room.  Sadly, I kid you not.  But this is where they did end up:

Not quite as attractive as the leaning tower of pisa, but it will suffice.

Do you have storage challenges?  What are your solutions?


  1. Unfortunately I haven't found any good storage solutions. Once I put a shoe bag on the back of my bathroom door and used it for toothpaste, soap, washclothes, etc. Worked pretty well for saving space. Now I've seen that they shower curtains with pockets just like that.


  2. Have you got a sore neck from all that scraping?! Deal!!!


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