Thursday, September 16, 2010

Evil Giant Flower Pots & other Trauma

First of all what's up with this?!

Crazy giant flower pots are invading this parking lot!

They are actually taking up parking spots...more specifically they are taking up spots that are better than the handicap spaces!!!!
What kind of flower pots take spaces away from handicap people...evil kinds, that what.
soo* weird...

I am not a stranger to hair trauma....I must admit that most of it is self-inflicted.  I once went to a hair dresser for "a trim and even out my layers" and her comment was "Who cut your hair the last time?! No wonder you're not going there anymore!"....I didn't have the guts to confess it was actually me...thinning shears take a little practice Who Knew?

Last March I realized I had Heather Ledger hair circa "10 Things I Hate About You"...relive the trauma by clicking here

Today was actually a good hair day, but I had to sleep in rollers to achieve it...sleeping in rollers is not fun.

Moving on, now my mother is experiencing hair trauma.  You can read her recount the tale at her blog .  I think her new hair is cute, but she needs some time to get used to it.  What do you think?
I belive her comment was "I don't do layers, I'm not Jennifer Aniston from Friends people!"

oh mum.

My co-worker said that maybe the hairdresser thought mum needed to be "funkied up". 
It's definately a change from her hair last week:

Her mane distress (get it?) is that it won't "Pony Up".  But I'm sure if she's really determined and armed with enough hairspray a sleek low pony (a la Carl) can be acheived.  Or at least 2 fun pigtales!

Stay tuned for the "Evolution of Mum's Hair" post....hopefully I won't get kicked out of the will (again).

*  I treat the word "so" like the word "to/too".  ie:  "I went to the store"
                                                                                "You are too funny"
                                                                                "So, I went to the store"
                                                                                "You are soo funny"
ps, FringeGirl, you should teach this new form of grammar to your children.  It's more expressive.

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  1. Thanks for the grammar tips. My children will appreciate it.

    LOVE your mum's hair! It looks very nice, updated, and overall fabulous. I'm sure she'll get used to it. It's kinda funny to imagine her in those little pig-tails though. That's a picture you need to take!



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