Saturday, September 11, 2010

Date Night

I had an impromtu date night last night!  A good girlfriend P emailed me mid afternoon and we decided to go see a movie... a late show!  Living on the edge I am. 

We saw Eat Pray Love and boy did we eat. 
When P goes to a movie she is armed and ready.  When she picked me up I had a large bag of Mini Eggs and a bottle of water already in my purse for movie treats, and when I got in her car I saw all her loot: large bags of Skittles, Oh Henry Bites, and Red Nibs!  Then we happened to bump into a friend of P's so she came too!  As we watched Julia, aka Groceries, eat all kinds of lovely cuisine, we gorged ourselves on popcorn (each our own, no sharing here!) and chocolate and candy.  There's a scene in the movie where Julia and a friend are eating pizza in Naples and the friend is unsure about eating because she's developing a muffin top from all her careless gorging on Italian food.  Julia says to her something to the effect of "Have you ever been naked infront of a man and he told you to get out?" "No" "Well, have you ever been naked with a man and he left?" "No". "Exactly.  They are in the same room with a naked woman, they're happy.  So, eat your pizza and tomorrow we'll go on a date and buy bigger jeans".  I told P that we needed to go on another date and buy bigger jeans.

The movie ended around 11 and P dropped me off at my house.  Hubby had waited up for me.  I told him about the movie, and then had to explain all the junk food because I suddenly developed the worst stomach ache ever!  Obviously I am too old for late shows and that much's sad really...the end of an era....

This morning I ate yogurt and am about to steep some green tea...I feel the need to cleanse.


  1. Did you like the movie? I'm still on the fence about it.

    Here is a blog i read, I always think of you for some reason.

    ~a long lost friend

  2. I like how you ladies go to the movies armed with a bag of snacks. That's my kind of date night!



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