Thursday, September 2, 2010

Car Lashes

Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing tacky things from fabulous things...and sometimes I don't care.

Case in point:

For around $25 US you can 'feminize your car'. 
They even have 'crystal eyeliner' bands to put above the lashes!

Who thinks of this stuff?!  And makes money!!
Would you buy car lashes?  Do you already have car lashes?  If so, I want to see a picture!!


  1. Where do you find this stuff?!

  2. Deb,
    Can we put them on dad's truck for April Fool's day? can we? can we?

  3. You are NOT going to believe this, but the other night a sports car pulled up in back of us. I turned around and made a comment about the lights looking like eyes and I told my husband that I would put lashes on the lights if it were my car. I lie NOT. I had no idea they really sold them!!! I have to show these to my husband.

  4. Those are hilarious! That would be a great April Fool's day gaff. Now who would I play it on? Hmm?


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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