Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to the wig show

I've fallen in love with wigs this year.

So far I have bought 2...1 in NYC and 1 on ebay.  I love them both, but wear my ebay find all the time!
It's so much easier than actually doing my hair.  I'm trying to bring them back into fashion again.  There are some really fabulous ones out there.

My NYC find:

wow, I need lipstick in these pics....badly....
I like it, but I kinda look like I should be singing with the Judds.  And, I don't wear it alot because it tangles very easily.

My Ebay find:
I wear this to work at least twice a week.

I also have 3 of my grandmother's wigs.  2 are impossible to wear without a hat or scarf as the cuts are very outdated, and the third I love the cut, but the colour is all wrong.  Still fun though!

Totally wearable with a hat, eh?

This is the craziest one of all, but again, doable with a hat.

this is the mullet-y back of the one above...not nice...
This is it without the hat...not the most flattering

This one I love.  The lighting here makes it look blonde, but it's actually gray.

Kinda reminds me of Tippi Hedren's hair in The Birds

oh wigs, so much fun.

I really want a medium length, curly auburn one next...I keep checking ebay for a good deal.  I'd love to try the Racquel Welsh ones, you can blow dry and curl them!

Isn't this one beautiful?!

Seriously, if you've never tried it find one on ebay.  I got mine for $20, shipping included.  You'll never have a bad hair day again...and you'll never go gray :)


  1. I can't believe you wore Grammie's wigs in PUBLIC!!!!!

  2. I didn't. I wore them in my bathroom and then posted them in public ;)

  3. My Grandmother used to wear wigs also. I tried to wear one once but it was to hot and itchy.

  4. My mom wore a wig when she was young. I'd bee too afraid it would fall off my head! That would be something to blog about. Don't they make your head super hot? How do you get all your hair tucked so neatly beneath??

  5. Hey FringeGirl,
    They fit very snugly, and most have an adjustable band inside that you can tighten. The two new ones I have are not hot at all. I wear my short one for 8 hour shifts at work and it's nevery hot or itchy. As for jamming all my hair...a french braid is the best thing!


Quips & Queries all appreciated!


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