Tuesday, August 10, 2010

face painting fun (part 1)

Next Sunday afternoon I am going to be face painting!
For the second year in a row a company has asked me to come and do face painting for a family fun day event that they host.  My sis works for said company and suggested it for one of the kids activities.
It's a lot of fun.
Last night I stayed up making a poster to give kids the choice of what they can have.  I desperately hope that they remain faithful to the list, because once I create something off the list, I can make no promises.  You get what you get.

I tried to do a good mix of boy and girl choices, and knew I had better put some full face options in because I would get asked for them anyway.

One of the full face ones I'm excited to see on someone is the snake:

I think it will be tres cool.

Please notice that I've used old Dior face charts.  The boutique I work at used to carry Christian Dior make-up and we had a lot of these left over.  We would use them when we did a customer's make-up to re-create the look on paper with the names of all the products.  
Anyway, I could never throw them out because it seemed like a waste....so I'm happy they have found a purpose.

I'm glad face painting can be so classy as to have Dior involved.  I'm certain John Galliano would approve.

Stay tuned for pics from the event.


  1. Wow. You're good. I'm totally impressed. The kids will love those choices!



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