Sunday, August 29, 2010

weekend project

Look what I made!

A jewellery board!

I wish my dresser could always be so bare.

But alas,  clutter and I seem to share a mutal attraction that cannot be ignored.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to the wig show

I've fallen in love with wigs this year.

So far I have bought 2...1 in NYC and 1 on ebay.  I love them both, but wear my ebay find all the time!
It's so much easier than actually doing my hair.  I'm trying to bring them back into fashion again.  There are some really fabulous ones out there.

My NYC find:

wow, I need lipstick in these pics....badly....
I like it, but I kinda look like I should be singing with the Judds.  And, I don't wear it alot because it tangles very easily.

My Ebay find:
I wear this to work at least twice a week.

I also have 3 of my grandmother's wigs.  2 are impossible to wear without a hat or scarf as the cuts are very outdated, and the third I love the cut, but the colour is all wrong.  Still fun though!

Totally wearable with a hat, eh?

This is the craziest one of all, but again, doable with a hat.

this is the mullet-y back of the one above...not nice...
This is it without the hat...not the most flattering

This one I love.  The lighting here makes it look blonde, but it's actually gray.

Kinda reminds me of Tippi Hedren's hair in The Birds

oh wigs, so much fun.

I really want a medium length, curly auburn one next...I keep checking ebay for a good deal.  I'd love to try the Racquel Welsh ones, you can blow dry and curl them!

Isn't this one beautiful?!

Seriously, if you've never tried it find one on ebay.  I got mine for $20, shipping included.  You'll never have a bad hair day again...and you'll never go gray :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Lucy Muggins

Today was Lucy's last day.
She loved a good pillow.

I've had her for over 14 years.  I had dogs when I was little, but Lucy was the first pet that was officially mine.  Unfortunately, that means she's the first pet I've had to put to sleep. 
It was a hard decision to make, but her health had been deteriorating over the last year.  The other day she stopped eating, and even today she didn't finish her I knew it was time.  I did not want to stand by and watch her go further down hill. 
So, today I had the day off work.  Lucy and I slept in.  I skipped her ear drops because she hates getting them.  We went for a little walk around the drive way.  We sat outside.  We cuddled on the couch. All in all it was a nice last day together. Then, at about 4 o'clock I lost it and cried until my mom came around 4:40 to take us to the vet.
It was a long day.  I'm glad it's over.
I know tomorrow when I walk in the door from work and don't hear her jump off the couch to greet me my heart will break all over again, but I know I made the right decision.
She was an excellent napper.
Who doesn't love the smell of fresh, clean laundry?
She was always dressed for the occaision.

See her lovely pear necklace?
Her tongue was always out

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I decided to try and thread my eyebrows tonight.
A client of mine does it and said that it's really easy.  So, I looked up some tutorials on youtube tonight and gave it a try.

My hubby asked what I was watching and when I said "I'm learning how to thread eyebrows, I think I'm going to give it a try" he got a funny look on his face and said "well...I don't really have any hair on my face that I want to get rid of, but I suppose you could use my leg".  Hee Hee, the poor guy automatically assumed that I would practice on him,  I can't imagine what I must have done in the past to make him think that.

Anyway, I assured him that I was going to try it on myself.  And I did.
If you're not sure what eyebrow threading is, a quick google search will fill you in.
Basically you twist in a loop of thread several times until it looks like the picture. By running the twists along your unwanted hairs, they are grabbed and pulled out.  

I just cleaned up my brows a little and it really wasn't that painful.  I'm not confident enough to go as close to the hair I want to keep as the chic in the picture above.

After cleaning up my brows I decided to try my lip....Woah! That hurt.  I was like a lip wax in slow motion.  It hurts more like plucking about 3 hairs out at once, not a nice feeling.  I tried to persevere, but then decided against needless torture.

So, I'm converted to brow threading... anyone want to let me practice on them?!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

face painting fun (part 1)

Next Sunday afternoon I am going to be face painting!
For the second year in a row a company has asked me to come and do face painting for a family fun day event that they host.  My sis works for said company and suggested it for one of the kids activities.
It's a lot of fun.
Last night I stayed up making a poster to give kids the choice of what they can have.  I desperately hope that they remain faithful to the list, because once I create something off the list, I can make no promises.  You get what you get.

I tried to do a good mix of boy and girl choices, and knew I had better put some full face options in because I would get asked for them anyway.

One of the full face ones I'm excited to see on someone is the snake:

I think it will be tres cool.

Please notice that I've used old Dior face charts.  The boutique I work at used to carry Christian Dior make-up and we had a lot of these left over.  We would use them when we did a customer's make-up to re-create the look on paper with the names of all the products.  
Anyway, I could never throw them out because it seemed like a I'm happy they have found a purpose.

I'm glad face painting can be so classy as to have Dior involved.  I'm certain John Galliano would approve.

Stay tuned for pics from the event.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heads Up!

Check out this Giveaway at the blog Uber Chic for Cheap!
click the photo to read the full quotation.


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